OK, kids, are you ready to be lifted off your feet? Are you prepared for such an explosion of color your life will be forever changed? Come with me then! You are about to experience a mind-blowing experience. Get ready for you are going to fly so high your head will hit the sky! Most … Continue reading Explosion!

Get Ready!!

It’s been spotty at best, confusing overall, and it seems beginning this week, those Fall colors I’ve been seeking, will set me upon a race. A lot of the trees around our locality (about a 2 mile radius) have turned colors already with other trees dropping their leaves, exposing bare limbs. Then a few miles … Continue reading Get Ready!!

Fall Fun

Between the lighting on this photoshoot and the distress I felt with so many masks mingling about, this outing was not fun. The energy in general was harsh, ugly, and heavy. I’ve been boycotting this park for months due to horrid management and people wearing masks there. Friends, I go to parks to step away … Continue reading Fall Fun

Love And Roses

Why are roses   symbolic of Love   when along with the rose   come very sharp thorns   that if not handled with care   do prick and make bleed?   Could roses be   representations of Love   because Love includes   both Beauty   and pain? ~~~~~~ Handheld manual macro photography/ “Roses … Continue reading Love And Roses

Spring Medley

Red Columbine ~~~ Purple Columbine ~~~ Lily of the Valley ~~~~ Azalea ~~ Lithodora ~~~ Peony ~~ “Art” ~~ Carnation ~~~ Peony ~~ Clematis ~~~ Peony ~~ So many pictures, so many flowers. This post gives you a slight idea of the vast array of flowers I have. These gardens had me hopping because of … Continue reading Spring Medley

Homecoming (4 IMAGES)

This post is dedicated to a very dear friend whose Clan¬†moved mountains in order for all Loved Ones to be present on Thanksgiving. ¬†Bless all of you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Gathering commences all is prepared family, friends, Love together as One ¬†coming¬†from far and wide¬† with immense Gratitude held in every Heart for sharing a feast, … Continue reading Homecoming (4 IMAGES)

Road Of Life

Travel on the Road of Life with all its ups and downs can seem quite frankly confusing, fearsome, mad yet¬†if we upon this Road keep Beauty uppermost as our very own Entrusted Friend we can surely¬†know it true we are freely given every¬†opportunity to¬†step into our Bliss ~~~~~~ Photography/ “Road Of Life” October 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Continue reading Road Of Life

Greedily Drink

Greedily greedily¬† my eyes do drink yellows and greens reds and golds wishing wishing that these colors would stay to keep at bay shrieks of freeze ~~~ Photography/ “Greedily Drink” October 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧   Continue reading Greedily Drink

Splash Of Splats

Even without Jack Frost splash of¬†splats have been exquisitely¬†tossed ~~~~ Image taken with Canon 6D at: ¬†ISO 100, F/5.6, SS 1/30s, FL 70.0mm with UV/Haze and Circular Polarized Filters Photography/ “Splash¬†Of Splats” October 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com [Comments Closed] I think because color is so sporadic this year, it seems to me to be so much brighter. … Continue reading Splash Of Splats

Rain (2 IMAGES)

Red in the mornin’ Sailors’ warnin’ … Oh yes it rained! ~~~~ Info: Canon EOS 6D with EF f/4 ¬†24-105mmL IS USM Lens Image 1: ¬†9-17-16, Time 7:06am, ISO 100, f/4.5, SS 1/320s, FL 105mm Image 2: ¬†9-17-16, Time 7:26am, ISO 100, f/4.5, SS 1/10s, FL 105mm (Hand held) Photography/ “Rain” September 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com These … Continue reading Rain (2 IMAGES)


And here¬†all along I thought that Roses only¬† had thorns on their stems … Seems I was wrong ~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Thorns” September 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Just enjoy this incredible proof that thorns do exist on the leaves of Roses. When I saw what was magnified on my lens viewfinder, I couldn’t believe me eyes. … Continue reading Thorns

The Light (3 IMAGES)

And when it was all said and done the Light of a New Dawn broke though ~~~~~ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ Photographs taken with Canon EOS 6D. MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “The Light” August 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com In order to manage my very full Life, and still be here on WP to blog, I have devised … Continue reading The Light (3 IMAGES)


Friends, my fur baby Karma has recently taken a turn for the worse. ¬†I have officially stepped into Intensive Care with him¬†so I will not be able to be here at WP much at¬†all until this “phase” either settles down or I am once again walking the Path of Mercy. Having just recovered physically, mentally, … Continue reading Karma


When is the last time you unplugged from technology and plugged into Mother? ~~~ Photograph of my Peonies. MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “When?” 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com I thank each of you for viewing my work, especially at¬†this time of my Life. ¬†I am still unable to blog and even posting this today was almost too … Continue reading When?


From the depths of sorrow Beauty abounds. ~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Depths” 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Photograph of Dianthus. COMMENTS CLOSED. Continue reading Depths

Babies (7 IMAGES)

I hope you all are ready for a Saturday morning treat because what you are about to see is what I found in my Gardens of Treasures yesterday. ¬†As you sip your coffee or tea may these precious Gifts Mother offered to me bring you much¬†Beauty and many Smiles all your day long. ¬†Enjoy! Astilbe … Continue reading Babies (7 IMAGES)