Humble Pie

Well well well. Isn’t this just grande? I’m eating the pie Mother has most graciously offered called Humble Pie. A few posts back I stated that this Autumn the leaves instead of weeks spanning the change of colors, are doing so in days’ time. It started out that way yet here I am, weeks later … Continue reading Humble Pie

Amidst The Storm

Stretched upon that cold cold ground, my eyes beheld astonishing feats of Courage all shouting shouting … nothing is impossible. Earth’s aroma tantalized my nose, while again and again my eyes hungrily sought oases amongst the tremendous chaos within my gardens. I’m home, I’m home my Soul cried! Despite the exceptionally cold temperatures and the … Continue reading Amidst The Storm

Glow Power

The deeper I went into that forest, the more euphoria surrounded me, at times so intense I couldn’t quite catch my breath. The colors that glowed and shimmered in every single direction boom-a-ranged back to me showering me with a Gift straight from God. We swirled together, going higher and higher until I touched the … Continue reading Glow Power


No matter how diabolical nights become no matter how savage storms scream, with strength and faith Light surrounds the black forces that threaten, terrorize and kill, as Riders of this Light Sacred before God slay these dark dragons so the Rainbow of Promise may shine evermore. ~~~~~~ Hold strong. You are more powerful than you … Continue reading Inevitable

The Message

“He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I trust. He delivers me from the snare of the fowler And from the perilous pestilence.   He covers me with His feathers, and under His wings I take refuge … I AM not afraid of the terror by night, Nor of the arrow … Continue reading The Message


*Play music as you view this post. You may also wish to bookmark this video to both watch and listen to.*   *I¬†think¬†therefor¬†I AM …* I AM Abundance   I AM Free-In-Spirit   I AM Love   I AM Creation   I AM Sacred   I AM Purity   I AM Divinity   I AM … Continue reading I AM


Some are tattered   some are young   yet what matters   is the song   the pulse-like Life Force   throbbing in all   who dare to¬†submit   to the fuse beckoning to be lit. ~~~~ Forego the wrong dates on my pictures. I still cannot believe it is August. I’m still in July. … Continue reading Monarchy

Mother’s Power

The sheer magnitude of Mother’s Power makes for quakes roiling deep within ~~~~ This photograph was taken with my Canon 6D on August 21st at 7:53pm. ¬†The dark “sheet” that is seen that almost looks to be an overhang, is actually one huge black cloud coming in fast. ¬†Standing there I could smell, feel and … Continue reading Mother’s Power

Totally Free

We are halfway to the weekend!!¬† So smile!¬† May these glorious Yellow Flowers bring you Good Cheer today! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To BE totally free flowing with All That IS confidence is ours that in this Connection we are BEing our Powerful Selves. MF Macro Photography/ “Totally Free” 2015¬©AmyRose Continue reading Totally Free

Bush Bud WOW!

[Last week I had a conversation with Neihtn regarding my “Dream Camera”. In taking the photograph that is below, I realized that my Canon 50D is a keeper. Neihtn, look what my Dream Camera can do! (smile)] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two days ago, I set up my (new) tripod upon seeing some intensely amazing buds, both on … Continue reading Bush Bud WOW!

Purple Power

This evening I took some photos with my iPad. One of those is below. Goosebumps time! This was processed in Photo Shop Express and Lightroom. I give you Purple Power. Guys, I am having so much FUN as my laundry grows, dust bunnies fly about, and my um Fall cleaning that I had begun has … Continue reading Purple Power

Magnificent Waterfalls (5 IMAGES)

As promised, I now present to you some of the waterfall photographs I have taken so far this Summer. These waterfalls are a part of Buffalo Creek and taken right after a heavy rain, hence, the pigment will be seen in the water, making glorious contrasts. Please enjoy! May all who view these images be touched by the Power and the Absolute Wonder of Our Creator.

Love, Peace, Joy to all of you this day! (((HUGS))) Amy

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Do You Know You? (2 MACROS)

05 11 14_2268You are more powerful

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Mighty Sword Of Light (6 IMAGES)

[Dedicated to all who are struggling. Know you are Loved and prayers are said.]


Depression is a Deadly Dragon

04 21 14_0742

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