Lilacs And Peonies

This year my Lilacs and Peonies did not do well. This Spring has seen very volatile weather from freezes to snow and torrents of rain, to hail to vicious winds and then on a dime, to very high temperatures. As these flowers began to bloom, the temperatures soared and in so doing, my flowers basically … Continue reading Lilacs And Peonies


I rode my bike the other day having the best day   I’ve had in a very long time.   As I gazed upon the Beauty of this most delightful day   the thought, “But what about tomorrow?” formed.   “Will my tomorrow be as good if not better   then my day today?”   … Continue reading Today

Heaven (3 IMAGES)

This year my gardens have been gloriously beautiful because of all the rain we have had this Spring.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen more flowers on my Lilacs then this year and with cool temperatures the flowers remained scenting the very air with perfume for longer then usual.  To say I was in heaven … Continue reading Heaven (3 IMAGES)

Million Petals Peonies (8 MACROS)

The other day at Sultry Suds Launderette,

a beautiful but suspicious young woman could not understand why I put soil in some of the machines at the Launderette.

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Speechless (10 Macros)

[All Macro Photos of Peonies that had just begun to open, are hand held without an image stabilizer.]

[My hands were really shaking with these, plus I had to contend with a breeze. I tried timing to take an image by hitting the shutter immediately after focusing and in between hand shakes. Believe it or not.]

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