Hidden Pond (2 IMAGES)

I have finally given up banging my head against a brick wall in order to attempt to get back into my “normal” blogging rhythm. ¬†It is just not happening. ¬†Life is presenting me with situation after situation that takes precedence over WP, leaving me with no rhythm at all when I do blog. ¬†OK OK … Continue reading Hidden Pond (2 IMAGES)

Mother’s Power

The sheer magnitude of Mother’s Power makes for quakes roiling deep within ~~~~ This photograph was taken with my Canon 6D on August 21st at 7:53pm. ¬†The dark “sheet” that is seen that almost looks to be an overhang, is actually one huge black cloud coming in fast. ¬†Standing there I could smell, feel and … Continue reading Mother’s Power

The Light (3 IMAGES)

And when it was all said and done the Light of a New Dawn broke though ~~~~~ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ Photographs taken with Canon EOS 6D. MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “The Light” August 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com In order to manage my very full Life, and still be here on WP to blog, I have devised … Continue reading The Light (3 IMAGES)


When something is taught and then learned that something is experienced in¬† Real Life ~~~ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ MF Photography/ “Tranquility” August 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Settings: ¬†ISO 200, F/6.3, SS¬†1/320, FL 45mm Photo taken with Canon EOS 6D at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve *The white object seen in lower right is a butterfly.* Continue reading Tranquility


Crashed and exhausted on the couch this past Tuesday, not sure where I was not sore from a nightmare of a Yoga class on Monday followed by a six mile strenuous hike the next day, the last thing I wanted was to get up and “practice” with my new camera. ¬†I saw however that the … Continue reading Beyond

Playhouse Of Life (3 IMAGES)

To bring simplicity to complexity we must choose which¬†lens¬†to perceive the playhouse of Life with … Love over that of¬†fear I highly recommend ~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Playhouse of Life” August 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com This concludes the images taken with my Canon 50D. ¬†My next post will herald the start of a brand new Journey as … Continue reading Playhouse Of Life (3 IMAGES)


There are times in Life ¬†sadness and tears bring deep rooted appreciation for the Beauty before our eyes ~~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Appreciation” August¬†2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Depending on how this week goes, I am planning on posting pictures celebrating my Canon 50D as I “patiently” wait for my Canon 6D. Cross your fingers that … Continue reading Appreciation


Determination outweighs despondency every time ~~~~ MF Photography/ “Determination” August¬†2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com I wished to get in touch with all of you today for I (again) have gone “missing in action”. ¬†Karma’s death had put me in a gigantic tailspin to the degree most of you do not know about. ¬†Over the past few weeks (with … Continue reading Determination


Standing in a bone dry creek bed to take this image at Chestnut Ridge County Park gave me a very eerie feeling. ¬†Where there should be 2-3 feet of water was completely dry. ¬†We in WNY are in a severe drought, yet, notice …. how GREEN the trees are. ¬†No, I did not dramatize the … Continue reading Mystery

Needle And Thread

All of Life is intricately woven with Mother’s Magical¬† needle and thread ~~~~ MF Photography/ “Needle And Thread” 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com ¬†Probably from this post to where I post my¬†first¬†image from my Canon 6D, the comments will be closed. ¬†Hubby has been installing a new front door and with the finishing touches he needs an assistant … Continue reading Needle And Thread

Hold On Tight

In the times Life becomes fast and furious hold on tight to¬†the Light which keeps you grounded ~~~~ Photography/Digital Art/ “Hold On Tight” July 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Friends, lately I have become so frustrated with the results I am getting from my camera. ¬†It is not taking clear, crisp photos anymore. ¬†At first I thought it … Continue reading Hold On Tight


We at times become¬† so engrossed¬† with the Path we walk upon we forget to look at what is all around us ~~~~~ MF Photography/ “Path” July 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Continue reading Path

Golden Summertime

Taken yesterday at Chestnut Ridge Park, what caught my eyes were the golden lines and hues of yellow grass . ¬†Deliberately shooting at a low f-stop and on manual focus, I was going after a dream like quality. ¬†I do believe I achieved just that. I have become so accustomed shooting with manual focus, I … Continue reading Golden Summertime


It is not possible to control Life for when you do fear controls you. Instead, know that which¬† you can control — ¬†how your “react” to Life as too your actions. ~~~~ Photograph of my Lavender MF Macro Without Photography/ “Know” July2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com My Karma has been pulled through a Life Crisis. ¬†Today for the … Continue reading Know


Friends, my fur baby Karma has recently taken a turn for the worse. ¬†I have officially stepped into Intensive Care with him¬†so I will not be able to be here at WP much at¬†all until this “phase” either settles down or I am once again walking the Path of Mercy. Having just recovered physically, mentally, … Continue reading Karma


Community is created with¬†commitment to (honest) communication ~~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Community” June 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com *I would like to take this time to thank each one of you for your acceptance of who I am, for your support and enjoyment of my Art, and for bridging the miles between us with genuine gestures … Continue reading Community

Welcome! (11 IMAGES)

Enter the Land of the Fairies also known as my gardens. ¬†Take a stroll with me this day and see the Magic Mother has poured upon¬†me this year. Come! ¬† Take my hand and feast your eyes. ¬† Scroll as you stroll. (All gardens you are about to see were made by me with only … Continue reading Welcome! (11 IMAGES)