Living in NOW Being in NOW without thought of past or future there is God flowingly found And when found an epiphany occurs, perceiving God as Sovereign You in all your resplendent magnificence. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The flowers know. Mother knows. And what do they know? That All is God. The sum of the whole is God … Continue reading NOW


Upon waking one morning my “Inner Voice” said, “Bring your camera with you today.” Immediately I asked, “What for?” Again that Voice said, “You’ll see.”. I was planning on going to the gym and had no intention of bringing my camera. Yet, because I was directed to do so, I did. Driving to the gym … Continue reading Reflections

So Quiet

This profound quiet All around all around. Snow softly falling All round all around. No wind no roar Just quiet no gore. Flake dances from Heav’n to Earth Softly-gently-floating to Birth. Peace peace peace is here. White pure crystal clear. Snow so cold snow so white Floating gently bringing Light. Darkness glows with the flake, … Continue reading So Quiet