There comes a time¬†when knowledge of another’s mistake becomes visible yet with Wisdom’s Whispers the choice is yours to either admit you know or to stay silent¬† all with the Intention foremost that if discretion is chosen ¬†to be silent that action will assist the other ¬†to learn¬†individually¬†how not to repeat that mistake again … … Continue reading Discretion

Ecstasy (8 IMAGES)

Broken and bare God’s Grace still showed ~~~~ that day the alchemy flowed ~~~~ Branches bowed acknowledging God’s watchful eye ~~~~ caring for all both big and small ~~~ The Sun itself proclaimed “This is Holy Ground” ~~~~ As with eyes just huge looking all around ~~~~ ¬†felt Infinite Bliss from Mother’s Mysterious Kiss ~~~~ … Continue reading Ecstasy (8 IMAGES)


The deeper one goes the more expanse grows for what was once known as reality in space¬† ¬†now metamorphosis is taking its place ~~~~~ My Life Journey, though very painful, has cracked the egg so to speak, to reveal the chicken. ¬†What I once understood to be my reality, no longer is. ¬†Changes as fast … Continue reading Expansion

The Way

And so I see Angels have again made the Way for you and me to follow or flee ~~~ Photograph taken at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park, NY I shot this image pointing my camera into the sun, which supposedly you don’t do, according to the rules of photography. ¬†I don’t tend to follow rules … Continue reading The Way

Brand New Dawn

Life is magnificent. Truly! Hard at times … yes very. Yet! From out of the darkness a Beautiful Beginning arrives with the blush of a Brand New Dawn heralding a New Era. ~~~~ Only my husband is witness to the toll I’ve paid from the multiple soul-shocking events that occurred upon my mother’s death and … Continue reading Brand New Dawn

The Waters (5 IMAGES)

The Waters of Absolute Clarity freely given by Altruistic Purity ~~~ Run their assured course with no necessary force ~~~ Existing deep within me and the same within thee ~~~ If we but become aware of this esoteric propriety ~~~ Our Journey becomes precious and rare Guaranteeing Love forever to keep ~~~~ MF Macro Photography … Continue reading The Waters (5 IMAGES)

Bubbles Of Discontent (2 IMAGES)

Without communication for clear understanding bubbles of separation rise to the surface thereby creating infinite islands of bafflement, despair and pain ~~~~ Original Image Resized Only ~~~~~ Photography/Digital Art/ “Bubbles of Discontent”/ March 2017¬©AmyRose http://www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com I’m a firm believer in¬†talking things out to prevent misunderstandings. ¬†Sometimes this just doesn’t happen due to the other person … Continue reading Bubbles Of Discontent (2 IMAGES)


There are times in Life when it takes much effort and a lot of concentration to find the Beauty when seemingly little is found … yet with Practice and Patience we can train our Minds and our Eyes to see the Beauty where it¬†can be found nestled in Treasured Care ~~~~~ Photography/ “Treasure”/ January 2017¬©AmyRose … Continue reading Treasure