Dedicated to YOU

Your beautiful face is the light of my heart Your gentleness has given me wings Your laughter is my sacred feast. Intoxicated by Your delicate scent my heart can beat for no other. I walk buoyantly in Your court and rest in the shade of your curls. Immersed in the bliss of Your sea I … Continue reading Dedicated to YOU


Stars twinkling Breeze twinkling Christmas tree twinkling Leaves twinkling Frost twinkling Mary twinkling Peter twinkling Nanao   twinkling               twinkling               twinkling              twinkling                             … Continue reading Twinkling

Poet’s Corner

I am in love with Love and Love is in love with me. My body is in love with the soul and the soul is in love with my body. I opened my arms to Love and Love embraced me like a lover. –Rumi– (You guys have enough to look at while I go now … Continue reading Poet’s Corner

A Note from the Universe

Do you want to know what the world starts looking like when you start moving with an understanding that you are a sublime Being of Light? When you start realizing that you are the master of your destiny? Knowing that all things are possible and that the Universe does conspire tirelessly on your behalf? Yeah, … Continue reading A Note from the Universe


If one’s focus is on aches and pains, On “soon” “what if” “I don’t know”, That shall be one’s very existence. Empty. Void. Without substance. If one’s focus is on Gusto and Passion, On JOY and Inner Peace, That too shall be one’s very existence. Full. Adventure. Fun. Which Path is yours? –Lady Pinkrose– Continue reading Perspective

Just Be Yourself

To be who you are is to be enough, To share who you are is to share enough. To do what you love is to do enough. There is no race to win and nothing to be proven,  only dreams to be nurtured, a self to be expressed, and love to be shared. Never doubt … Continue reading Just Be Yourself

So Quiet

This profound quiet All around all around. Snow softly falling All round all around. No wind no roar Just quiet no gore. Flake dances from Heav’n to Earth Softly-gently-floating to Birth. Peace peace peace is here. White pure crystal clear. Snow so cold snow so white Floating gently bringing Light. Darkness glows with the flake, … Continue reading So Quiet

Stag’s Message

I could not believe me eyes. As I looked out my kitchen window, there a stag, standing, tall and regal, stared directly at me. I could not move. Eye to eye, we stayed, he not moving, neither I. (I just HAD to get my camera.  Keep in mind, this photo taken through a window.) I … Continue reading Stag’s Message