Touch Of Love

This post is a bit different then most here on my blog. While viewing my Gifts from Mother today, I invite you to play the song below, sung by a very talented man. This music will make you float. At least it did me. My images range from the Moon, birds, a baby possum in … Continue reading Touch Of Love

Find The Light

When life gets dark and so very shaky anchor yourself with what light you can find   ¬† to help you get through until your feet are rooted and your head connected free to embrace life fully again. Lately life has been tough. Real tough. We’ve been systematically and logically figuring out how best to … Continue reading Find The Light

Learning New

  I am always learning. Always. It seemed it was time for me to learn something new in my editing room. I use Photoshop just so you all know. I came across a blog recently that showed two functions in Lightroom that to me were new, camera calibration and radial filter. Knowing Lightroom and Photoshop … Continue reading Learning New

Full Moon

In a recent conversation with a friend, I made a half-hearted promise that I would photograph the full moon that happened this past Wednesday, October 24th. Unfortunately, that night was too overcast to see much of anything. The following night, however, I was able to get over 100 pictures of this moon before the cloud … Continue reading Full Moon

The Sun and The Moon (2 IMAGES)

On Thursday of last week, hubs and I went to a outdoor Jazz gig. Yes, I took photos of the band but I was given two Gifts by Mother that astounded me. I saw before me the setting sun through some trees and at the same time the Moon high in the sky.

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I caught him! Finally, I have proof positive that my cat Rocky really is SUPERKAT ROCKY! Last night, while I was photographing the Moon, I saw him, I actually saw him! He was collecting Magic Moon Dust on the Moon, so he could bring it back home. He just knew this Magic Moon Dust would heal Rusty’s paw. Rocky loves his brother SO much he flew to the Moon.

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Truly You Are Loved (4 IMAGES)

[Evening and Night Photography — photo 1 and 3 on tripod]

(Photo 3 is of TT on our picnic bench just enjoying the Present Moment  and I mean IN that Moment. The exposure time was 30 seconds, and during that entire time, TT did not move a muscle.)

05 31 14_4064_1

As the Crescent of the Moon
lies cradled oh so gently
in the Palm of the ONE,
such is the Truth about you.

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Words To Think Upon (5 Images)

Words are empty, void of all meaning

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3 in 1 … (3 Images)

PLEASE FORGIVE ME When you say, “Please forgive m”, (and mean it!) then you really do try not to hurt the other again regarding what you said, “Please forgive me” for. ~AmyRose~ (This photo is an “error”, a “mistake”. I turned my “mistake” into beauty. Instead of deleting this photograph, I paused, really looked at … Continue reading 3 in 1 … (3 Images)


Last night, having a very full day, I snapped one last picture, this one of the Moon from out of my bedroom window. I never viewed it until this morning, falling into bed never even remembering hitting that pillow. This morning, I uploaded the image into Photoshop, whereupon, my teeth literally fell out of my … Continue reading IMPOSSIBLE !??

Full Moon In Taurus

Do I dare put one more article on here today? I must! I just have to! I spoke on my “Moon” experience, Cuddles asked if the sky was falling in, and this photograph taken just a few moments ago by me, reminded me of what I said. Remember when I said I felt as though … Continue reading Full Moon In Taurus

The Moon

  I do not have the full understanding of all that transpired, but I am stating the facts here, as I KNOW them to be. Since “time” no longer makes sense to me, my days blur into each other. That being said… One night within this past week, I went outside. I saw the Moon … Continue reading The Moon