[The music you can play if you’d like while you view this post.] Eating Humble Pie at times is necessary if I wish to make improvements with myself. I had jumped to a hasty conclusion before knowing all the circumstances of a situation. I refused to justify my behavior for I intended to improve the … Continue reading Processing

Love Is In The Air

Spirit is being felt strongly by many around the world. A revival is at hand, a revival where people remember their Sovereignty. Love is about to explode around the world as God’s Hand comes to rest upon His creation. Rejoice for what is about to unfold, and already as I have personally seen, has begun. … Continue reading Love Is In The Air

Poet’s Corner

Your mind can fly to great heights but your parrot-nature keeps you pecking on the ground collecting knowledge that burdens the soul. Unlearn everything and embrace madness! … I was prudent all my life from now on, I embrace madness. -RUMI- Source:  “Rumi’s Little Book of Life” Translated by Maryam Mafi and Azima Melita Kolin … Continue reading Poet’s Corner

Inherent in Suffering

Inherent in most suffering, especially that of the mind or heart, is feeling, is believing that you can miss something in life. But that is not true. For on your wedding day with Sun, one of His presents to you will be–if you want it–every experience that has ever been known or can be known. … Continue reading Inherent in Suffering