“Any given gain which comes from denying your values and compromising yourself creates a loss of soul.   Stay true to your integrity, put your faith in divine justice, and you will win in a way that brings benefit to many.   Put your faith in the good and true and you will successfully continue … Continue reading Integrity

Metaphysical Monday

RED —¬†physical energy, passion, courage, power, will, and desire.   ORANGE —¬†creativity, sexuality, joy, enthusiasm, and promotes a general sense of wellness.   PINK —¬†universal love.   WHITE —¬†humility, purity, innocence, and truth.   YELLOW — the cheerleader, happiness, joy.   MAUVE — calm, intuition, spiritual, idealistic, dignity.   Photography/ “Metaphysical Monday” / June 2020¬©AmyRose … Continue reading Metaphysical Monday

Totally Free

We are halfway to the weekend!!¬† So smile!¬† May these glorious Yellow Flowers bring you Good Cheer today! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To BE totally free flowing with All That IS confidence is ours that in this Connection we are BEing our Powerful Selves. MF Macro Photography/ “Totally Free” 2015¬©AmyRose Continue reading Totally Free