Nostalgia oh sweet nostalgia of days gone by thinking how summer did fly. Nostalgia of sweet agony, good bye, My Love, till next spring we meet again. ~~~ MF Without Tripod Macro Photography/ “Nostalgia” October 2016¬©AmyRose Yes, this Rose is blooming in my garden right now. ¬†She is one of the last to show … Continue reading Nostalgia

Healer’s Award

I have been given a most humbling recognition for the “healing work” I do here at Petals Unfolding. ¬†I was nominated for the Healer’s Award by Erika¬†and because this is such an extreme honor, I accepted. Yes I know I broke my own rule of not accepting awards. ¬†Yes I know Petals Unfolding is an … Continue reading Healer’s Award

Fall Color

Now, if one has probs finding fall color look to another source to find that color and when that one does that one¬†can be reassured color will certainly be found! ~~~~ Photography/ “Fall Color” October 2016¬©AmyRose I’m ending this week’s posts with a bright splash of orange Fall color. ¬†Today looks like the perfect … Continue reading Fall Color

Ah Choo!

Ah Choo! ¬†Ah Choo! Bless you! ¬†Bless you! Ragweed oh my the wheeze the sneeze … oh tissue please! ~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Ah Choo!” September 2016¬©AmyRose Photograph taken with my Canon 6D. ¬†My macro is “getting there”. Continue reading Ah Choo!

The Birthing of New Life

This photograph is of a tiny, newly formed Butterfly bush flower cone bud which took me forever and a day to take. ¬†It being so tiny and light this bud would move with any kind of breeze and of course, it was windy that day. ¬†Standing there ready with my camera, I really wasn’t expecting … Continue reading The Birthing of New Life

At Last!

My goodness the struggles we’ve had this year just to appear yet here we are with arms upraised with heartfelt¬†praise to our Beloved Sun! ~~~ Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “At Last!” 2016¬©AmyRose COMMENTS CLOSED I still have many comments to respond to from yesterday’s post and many blogs to yet visit. ¬†I thought you … Continue reading At Last!


Shyly peeking out I can barely¬†contain my¬†excitement and glee for¬†I know soon I shall be free from¬†all constraint to be bold beautiful me in this wondrous world of sun and sky and tree. ~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Free” 2016¬©AmyRose COMMENTS CLOSED. To all Mothers, I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day. … Continue reading Free

Babies (7 IMAGES)

I hope you all are ready for a Saturday morning treat because what you are about to see is what I found in my Gardens of Treasures yesterday. ¬†As you sip your coffee or tea may these precious Gifts Mother offered to me bring you much¬†Beauty and many Smiles all your day long. ¬†Enjoy! Astilbe … Continue reading Babies (7 IMAGES)


In¬†understanding that we are as ONE I am still me and you are still you, spectacular¬†Sparks of Light. And as¬†we both honor our Heart’s¬†Authority ¬†we¬†begin to¬†comprehend the magnificent Sparks we are learning as we do to coexist in Harmony side by side me being me you being you. Isn’t that grand! ~~~ MF Macro Without … Continue reading Harmony

Holding You

Tenderly oh so tenderly I cradle your preciousness protecting you … Loving you holding you and not letting go. You’re safe free from all harm for I shall make sure my Love for you shields you until you are ready able and strong to bloom¬†on your own. ~~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Holding You” … Continue reading Holding You


Not forgiving for times long past brings only hell to the one not forgiving. Life’s too short and too precious to stubbornly insist unforgiveness sticks. ~~~~~ In 1984, I had a NDE.¬† Much of what I experienced while in that state has been wiped from my memory.¬† One very strong Pearl of Wisdom I was … Continue reading Forgiveness