If Someone asks…..

If someone asks, “What kind of Love is this?” say, Let go your tiller and see! Those Who haven’t abandoned free will will never know. Dive into this Love And the world parts before you. This Love and you are Circling outside of time. Everything else is borrowed and crumbling. What is born in the … Continue reading If Someone asks…..

Common Sense

I am going to start a series called common sense to show you how common sense (could be called intuition) is utilized. My Rocky is going to help me with this one. My poor baby is really hurting, He somehow injured his right back leg. Either his joint gave way (he has had problematic joints), … Continue reading Common Sense


My Whispers is demonstrating the latest in Yoga. It is called, take out yoga mat and bag, put on floor, and take a nap. Ah, yes, notice the FUR on this bag? This bag is a very coveted place in this house. Could I clean the fur off? You bet I could! Would I? You … Continue reading The NEW YOGA

Why so Glum?

Why so glum, so down, so blue? When I just said good bye To a one whose strangle-hold, Almost kept me from gaining Freedom. I sit here stunned, unbelieving in fact, For I would think I’d be rejoicing Not blue. The empty hole where once was it, Just gnawing deep inside Gaping wide. Yes, Freedom. … Continue reading Why so Glum?

Free as a Bird

Life is amazing in that you just don’t know what is around the next corner sometimes. Yesterday instead of taking my usual route that I walk, I decided to walk in the park that is behind our property. I just KNEW that I was going on an adventure and in that adventure, would find many … Continue reading Free as a Bird

Facing Fear

When you dive deep within to face deeply in its entirety, fear, and you refuse to balk, but instead embrace it, acknowledge it, allowing it be recognized, you not only SEE it, you SEE right through it. For in acknowledging it, fear looses its power over you, having power over you only when it is … Continue reading Facing Fear

The Neuronic You

Lately, there has been a shower of information that I have been receiving, which I in turn, share with you. The content and the vast complexity of what I have been shown, leaves me really not knowing where to begin. When I am shown something, or when I am given something from “Spirit”, it is … Continue reading The Neuronic You


In order to heal that which is crying to be healed, That which is crying to be healed…… Must be embraced. No matter how painful. For it is Real. It requires to be known. And when it is greeted with Love, and not fear, It can be changed into Peace into Love. Without eyes, one … Continue reading Alchemy