Jewels From My Gardens Today (7 MACROS)

I have for you, Jewels right from my gardens this morning. I hope you all enjoy the beauty you are about to see. There are a few Jewels that I have not seen in a long time, and there are more budding right now, which yes, I took photos of, but have not included in this post. One you are about to see, I have not seen in TWO years. Due to the changed weather patterns and insects not behaving as I am used to, I will have to change my strategy next year on how to protect my Roses better. *scratching head* For you that you do not garden or grow Roses, this is really challenging to do. Trying to figure out how to overcome weather and insects in ways I am not used to … takes some real thought!

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Yes, weeds. I went over to the horse pasture a few days ago to check out my prospects. Instead of looking for horse manure, I ended up going back home, getting my camera, and took pictures of these gorgeous weeds in that same pasture. And because I don’t know what they are called (goes along with me not knowing most of the flowers’ names I photograph … smile), I thought I would have some fun and make up names as I was editing.

It was more challenging then I thought it would be. By the time I was finished, I was about cross-eyed and brain fried. I thought this was going to be fun, but in the end, I really had to THINK about giving these beauties names that suited them. Now, if any of you can come up with better names, let me know. I have these weeds numbered, so as you go down to see each one, check out the number assigned to that weed, and if you have a better name, let us know! OK? Now let’s see those um, yes, weeds!

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Walk With Me (7 IMAGES)

Take a walk with me
down the red grill road

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More Glen Falls (8 IMAGES)

As promised, I present to you more photographs of Glen Falls taken at slow shutter speeds. Keep in mind, that I was up against the sun that kept coming out from behind clouds, so some photos are taken with slower (silkier looking) shutter speeds then others. With cloud cover I was able to get slower shutter speeds to get that silky look.

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As I Was … (2 IMAGES)

As I was photographing more waterfalls today, my husband was sitting on a bench behind me, playing with my new cell phone camera. With it, he took some photos of me as I was very intently focused on what was before me. It was very hot today, and at one point, the sweat was dripping down into my eyes, so I stopped to wipe my face with my right hand. Sitting there on a very hard rock, contorted into a semi-yoga position, I just about boiled. Yet, I kept on.

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Magnificent Waterfalls (5 IMAGES)

As promised, I now present to you some of the waterfall photographs I have taken so far this Summer. These waterfalls are a part of Buffalo Creek and taken right after a heavy rain, hence, the pigment will be seen in the water, making glorious contrasts. Please enjoy! May all who view these images be touched by the Power and the Absolute Wonder of Our Creator.

Love, Peace, Joy to all of you this day! (((HUGS))) Amy

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Sky Art (5 IMAGES)

As some of you saw yesterday, I took my first phoneographs this past Sunday evening. At the same time, I took images of the remarkable clouds and play of light in the twilight sky with my Canon camera. The following images are for your viewing pleasure. These are taken with my Canon 100-300mm lens, from the veranda of the restaurant hubs and I were at. ENJOY!!!!

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My First Attempt at Phoneography (2 IMAGES)

Last evening, hubs and I went to the Lake front (Lake Erie) and there from a restaurant veranda, tested my NEW Android cellphone. Yep, I have graduated. I now OWN a cellphone.

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HOPE Takes Flight

Nestled deep amongst the leaves facing a way not easily seen     A yellow Rose peeked ever so shyly and as I gazed in silent glee         I knew I found a part of me.   ~AmyRose~ Photography/Poem 2014©AmyRose (Photo of Monkey Business Rose) Continue reading HOPE Takes Flight


The following images are from last night’s 4th of July Celebration as I stood in my backyard photographing fireworks. Please keep in mind I do not yet own a remote shutter release cable, so the lights you are about to see will look ziggy and zaggy. Not able to use my timer, I had to be FAST with my finger on that shutter to catch the action. Please enjoy! Comments are OPEN.

(((HUGS))) Amy

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When We Look Deeper (10 IMAGES)

As my husband and I were going back and forth to the animal hospital with Rusty when he was so ill, we crossed a bridge going over a portion of Buffalo Creek.

06 18 14_6841_2

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Three Days Off

Seeing how such glorious weather is here, and I have so many places in mind to go to in order to bring to you Beauty, I am taking today, Friday, through Sunday off from blogging. In so doing, I am off on adventures unknown presently, yet I seek and believe me, I shall find. I have a tentative idea on where I will be headed, yet that all can change in the blink of an eye, if or when my Heart says, “OVER THERE!”

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Twilight Magic (9 IMAGES)

One evening, with a heavy Heart, I decided to go to a creek to photograph some waterfalls at twilight. I needed to be around water to get into my Calm Space. My Life was in a whirl so I sought solace in Mother, as I always do.

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Peaceful Fishers (2 IMAGES)

The following 2 photos are taken with a long shutter speed, because I wanted to create the tranquility and peace I felt as I was taking these photographs while at a creek. The water and the waterfalls in these images are smooth and silky, just gorgeous while the Blue Heron and the young woman, a slight blurring will be seen due to movement.

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The Difference Between Men and Women (6 IMAGES)

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Flower of the Day

This flower is one of my White Peonies. Every time she flowers, I see my Carol, my best friend, who passed in 2006. She gave these Peonies to me and said, “Every time you see these Peonies bloom, you will think of me.” And yes, I most certainly do! (Click on the image to enlarge … Continue reading Flower of the Day

Enter The Twilight Zone

Last evening, I entered the Twilight Zone. I wasn’t expecting what I saw before me, and as I did, I knew I had an extremely small window of time to get what my eyes saw transferred to an image. My tripod, set on a gravel bed at the edge of a creek, I quickly repositioned, zoomed in, and shot away,

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Speechless (10 Macros)

[All Macro Photos of Peonies that had just begun to open, are hand held without an image stabilizer.]

[My hands were really shaking with these, plus I had to contend with a breeze. I tried timing to take an image by hitting the shutter immediately after focusing and in between hand shakes. Believe it or not.]

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