Walk With Me (7 IMAGES)

Take a walk with me
down the red grill road

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Trailer Peak

06 30 14_7983

Friends, I have been honestly working very hard and have come to a decision, one that was not easy to make. Some of you already know. I am now blogging Monday through Thursday, and I am taking off Friday through Sunday.

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When We Look Deeper (10 IMAGES)

As my husband and I were going back and forth to the animal hospital with Rusty when he was so ill, we crossed a bridge going over a portion of Buffalo Creek.

06 18 14_6841_2

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Such Beauty and Elegance
Grace Life so abundantly
BEing that which It is …

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Twilight Magic (9 IMAGES)

One evening, with a heavy Heart, I decided to go to a creek to photograph some waterfalls at twilight. I needed to be around water to get into my Calm Space. My Life was in a whirl so I sought solace in Mother, as I always do.

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Peaceful Fishers (2 IMAGES)

The following 2 photos are taken with a long shutter speed, because I wanted to create the tranquility and peace I felt as I was taking these photographs while at a creek. The water and the waterfalls in these images are smooth and silky, just gorgeous while the Blue Heron and the young woman, a slight blurring will be seen due to movement.

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Return To Love (9 MACROS)

05 05 14_1704_1
With head thrown back
my jaw a-slack

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Garden Number 9

04 24 14_0772What did I tell you? When rain is forecasted here, it does not rain. So again I find myself looking at another garden day. Today, though, I will be a lot easier on myself then I was yesterday. As you can see from this photo, I did a ton of work yesterday. It doesn’t look like there is much in this garden (between sidewalk and house, towards the house), but there are a good (how many did I count yesterday?) ten maybe, Rose Bushes, most of them being ground cover Roses.

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