Upon waking one morning my “Inner Voice” said, “Bring your camera with you today.” Immediately I asked, “What for?” Again that Voice said, “You’ll see.”. I was planning on going to the gym and had no intention of bringing my camera. Yet, because I was directed to do so, I did. Driving to the gym … Continue reading Reflections

Love Is In The Air

Spirit is being felt strongly by many around the world. A revival is at hand, a revival where people remember their Sovereignty. Love is about to explode around the world as God’s Hand comes to rest upon His creation. Rejoice for what is about to unfold, and already as I have personally seen, has begun. … Continue reading Love Is In The Air

Common Sense

I am going to start a series called common sense to show you how common sense (could be called intuition) is utilized. My Rocky is going to help me with this one. My poor baby is really hurting, He somehow injured his right back leg. Either his joint gave way (he has had problematic joints), … Continue reading Common Sense