Icy Dicey

Dusting my macro lens off, metaphorically speaking that is, I went outside to see what I possibly could find as treasure. Our bushes out front caught my eye so I drew in closer to them. Sure enough, I began to see the possibilities of what I could create. Looking at and studying the terrain, therein … Continue reading Icy Dicey

Adieu, Winter

I am giving Winter a proper sendoff this year. For the first time in my life I actually enjoyed this past Winter giving me opportunity to find another Season to Love. Winter has its own unique Beauty and Her Creations can be found in no other Season other then Winter. Last Saturday, Hubby and I … Continue reading Adieu, Winter

Ode To Mother

Mother, your frozen tears as they appear mourning the loss of such a Loved One this side of the Veil, mirror mine in blustery gale ~~~~   Barely I stand yet with You I can rescue myself from off the floor to once again stand tall despite the truth unprecedented hardships did fall ~~~~~~~   … Continue reading Ode To Mother

Crystal Clarity

Sometimes in order for a photographer to remain sharp   she must challenge herself which requires   a good eye, at times overcoming a hostile environment, seeing art,   a steady hand, and pushing beyond her “known” boundaries.   Sometimes a photographer is willing   to subject herself with discomfort and hardship   all for … Continue reading Crystal Clarity

Life Frame

Now that the Holidays are behind us some of us may feel achingly drained and a little blue yet if perspective is changed to view the whole picture the overall Life Frame will¬†show the Truth that what was¬†created from the Love of the Holidays remains with us and all our Loved Ones the whole year … Continue reading Life Frame

Macro Beginnings

Due to time constraints today, I really don’t have the time to sit down and read about my new macro lens. But, I just HAD to get my hands on that baby and see what I could do just “winging it”. Keep in mind, these are “rough” and have only one point of focus, which … Continue reading Macro Beginnings