Why so Glum?

Why so glum, so down, so blue? When I just said good bye To a one whose strangle-hold, Almost kept me from gaining Freedom. I sit here stunned, unbelieving in fact, For I would think I’d be rejoicing Not blue. The empty hole where once was it, Just gnawing deep inside Gaping wide. Yes, Freedom. … Continue reading Why so Glum?

Free as a Bird

Life is amazing in that you just don’t know what is around the next corner sometimes. Yesterday instead of taking my usual route that I walk, I decided to walk in the park that is behind our property. I just KNEW that I was going on an adventure and in that adventure, would find many … Continue reading Free as a Bird

The Moon

  I do not have the full understanding of all that transpired, but I am stating the facts here, as I KNOW them to be. Since “time” no longer makes sense to me, my days blur into each other. That being said… One night within this past week, I went outside. I saw the Moon … Continue reading The Moon