When a big phase of Life¬†closes with finality and you feel at loose ends not knowing quite what to do, continue your Life¬†as best you can holding a firm resolution¬†tucked away in your Heart truly something wonderful¬†will come along to fill ¬†that great empty void¬†in your Life. And when It does come¬†Joy and Contentment shall … Continue reading Faith

Comfort Zone

The fastest way to change and grow is by being far out¬† of¬†your Comfort Zone. I challenge anyone to tell me different. ~~~~ No digital art. ¬†Image captured as seen. MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Comfort Zone” July 2016¬©AmyRose One aspect of my psyche is constantly being challenged. ¬†For you see, I developed Panic … Continue reading Comfort Zone

Thank YOU! (2 IMAGES)

Lending me your shoulder at this time of my Life I am deeply grateful to you for. Thank YOU! I Love you! ~~~~ Flowers are: ¬†1) Campanula ‘Freya’ ¬† ¬†2) Mesa Verde Ice Plant MF Macro Photography Without Tripod/ “Thank YOU” 6-2016¬©AmyRose Dear Friends, the tragedies are just not ceasing. ¬†Barely able to feel … Continue reading Thank YOU! (2 IMAGES)


When is the last time you unplugged from technology and plugged into Mother? ~~~ Photograph of my Peonies. MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “When?” 2016¬©AmyRose I thank each of you for viewing my work, especially at¬†this time of my Life. ¬†I am still unable to blog and even posting this today was almost too … Continue reading When?


From the depths of sorrow Beauty abounds. ~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Depths” 2016¬©AmyRose Photograph of Dianthus. COMMENTS CLOSED. Continue reading Depths

Origami Splendor (8 IMAGES)

Addicted. ¬†Beyond all help. ¬†I could not stop. ¬†One after the other. ¬†Editing¬†with tears stinging¬†my eyes. ¬†Surrounded by Perfection. ¬†Origami Splendor. Sitting at my laptop, staring in wonder at the Majestic Creations I was allowed to capture, I didn’t know how to choose the images to show you. ¬†Shooting a total of thirty-one¬†frames I deleted … Continue reading Origami Splendor (8 IMAGES)

Birth (3 IMAGES)

Expectations heavily laden await impending birth. ~~~ First image is Honeysuckle, second image is Peony, and third image is Rose. MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Birth” 2016¬©AmyRose COMMENTS OPEN. Continue reading Birth (3 IMAGES)

I Ask You

I ask you what Great Master Mind designs and creates so flawlessly? ~~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “I Ask You” 2016¬©AmyRose This shot was an¬†extremely¬†difficult one to get. ¬†I saw what I wanted to capture but to actually execute the plan was another story. ¬†Laying on the ground on my right side I … Continue reading I Ask You


Sassy and bright made from Light My goal to please for pain to ease. ~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Sassy” 2016¬©AmyRose Continue reading Sassy

In The Breaking

The Darkness conceded, “No more.” And so Lightning struck hard that dank fetid dark the ravaging pain revealed the structure collapsed and as it finally fell Light now able to bring the Essence of Life where death had once tyrannically reigned ~~~~ As a child, I was abused and molested, exposed to behaviors no little … Continue reading In The Breaking

Scales Of Justice

Scales of Justice ever present do make sure Lessons are learned so that fear is changed to Love giving rest to those who have been hurt knowledge that somehow somewhere someday the one who hurt will understand not to commit that hurt again. ~~~~~~ Photography/ “Scales of Justice” 2016¬©AmyRose Continue reading Scales Of Justice

Play Fear Away

To my great dismay I have been seeing a lot of fear prevalent in too many people.¬† Those that I speak of in this post are by far not the only ones, for if I wrote regarding all the fear I have witnessed, I’d be writing for a very long time. One day recently as … Continue reading Play Fear Away

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love means you Love in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, in the sorrows and in the Joys, in the bleak and in the bright, being together molded as ONE walking through Life holding one another learning how to be the Rock and the River and not ever giving up … Continue reading Unconditional Love

Darkness To Dawn

Friends and Family, please know the outpouring of your Love and Support towards me during this time of my Life, has had me many times just overcome with emotion and tears. Your Gift of Love to me I hold so very closely cherishing it above all other Gifts.¬† I am slowly getting my feet back … Continue reading Darkness To Dawn

Power Of Love

Honestly, I do not know what is going on here at WP of late, for I have been too busy saving lives to even be here.¬† Yet, a few of my friends have come to me telling me they have been harassed and stalked, to the point they are quitting or shutting down their blogs … Continue reading Power Of Love

Wounded Children

*Emotionally deep. Some words may trigger regarding past or present abuse.* ~~~~~ Are the wounded children of the world ever truly free of their pain or ever fully whole? The answer, my friends, sadly is no yet, those of us who choose LOVE instead of the horror we knew as children can and do live … Continue reading Wounded Children


This post was inspired and came into BEing when I was conversing with Amy one day recently.¬† Thank you, Amy!!!¬† I know the wording is a bit different then first you saw them, yet, I am sure you will recognize them anyway.¬† I hope you and all who come to Petals this day, enjoy this … Continue reading After

Healing Rose

Tremulous tears on eye lashes fall and slide down cheeks as the anxiety and pain of the week abate and heal. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Having an exceptionally difficult week, as hard ball after hard ball came whipping my way, my nerves screamed, my mind ready to burst, I desperately clung to keep sanity in place.¬† All around … Continue reading Healing Rose

Mystery Monday

The image below is cropped in tight, and it was by far an extremely difficult shot to get.¬† I really edited it in both PS and LR in order to get as clear an image that I could, to make what I focused on to pop out.¬† My husband when he viewed the entire photograph, … Continue reading Mystery Monday

Land Of The Lost

Knowing some friends and family in my 3D Life who are in a Transition Phase of their Lives, I created this post to encourage them.¬† My definition of “Land of the Lost” is: 1.¬† A place that is in between an old familiar place and a new unknown place.¬† Anna, I know you are in … Continue reading Land Of The Lost