More Glen Falls (8 IMAGES)

As promised, I present to you more photographs of Glen Falls taken at slow shutter speeds. Keep in mind, that I was up against the sun that kept coming out from behind clouds, so some photos are taken with slower (silkier looking) shutter speeds then others. With cloud cover I was able to get slower shutter speeds to get that silky look.

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June 5, 2014 3:45pm

Dearest Friends, the Miracle of saving Rusty’s leg is truly upon us. WE DID IT. For 48 hours, my husband and I worked around the clock to bring LIFE back into Rusty’s paw and leg. I deliberately did not show his purple, weeping, extremely swollen paw, because it just wouldn’t have been right. Just take my word for it, his paw was seeping blood and serous fluid, bright purple, bright red and looked horrible.

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