Hope Is Born

This is a story about hope. Hope that there is a better and brighter future for all of us right around the corner. Hope that the intense chaos and unrest in the world today will form a world where love, peace and justice are the very foundations upon which this new world will exist. Yesterday … Continue reading Hope Is Born

Getting There!

Friends, I am getting there. I’ve gone through 72 pounds (32.66 kg) of fertilizer so far. To give you an idea of what I’ve done, I followed the “per plant” directions which state for each established plant, work 1 cup of fertilizer into soil around drip line. To go one step further, I weighed that … Continue reading Getting There!

Full Moon

In a recent conversation with a friend, I made a half-hearted promise that I would photograph the full moon that happened this past Wednesday, October 24th. Unfortunately, that night was too overcast to see much of anything. The following night, however, I was able to get over 100 pictures of this moon before the cloud … Continue reading Full Moon

Spring Medley

Red Columbine ~~~ Purple Columbine ~~~ Lily of the Valley ~~~~ Azalea ~~ Lithodora ~~~ Peony ~~ “Art” ~~ Carnation ~~~ Peony ~~ Clematis ~~~ Peony ~~ So many pictures, so many flowers. This post gives you a slight idea of the vast array of flowers I have. These gardens had me hopping because of … Continue reading Spring Medley

Fatale of Life (5 IMAGES)

Loss hurts. ¬†A friendship that had been so special and strong for years falters and falls when Change comes hurtling along at supersononic speeds. ¬†Huge Unforseen Life Changes drastically alter your friend’s life course. ¬†Cruelly, life tears down, pulls apart, smashes what once was leaving chaos, confusion and fear in its wake. ¬†The one Friendship … Continue reading Fatale of Life (5 IMAGES)

A Friend In Trouble

I was just notified this morning that a good friend of mine, Irene¬†(IreneDesign2011), is very ill in a hospital in her city. ¬†Her daughter, Claire, requested help from me to get the word out that her Mother needs prayer, Light and Energy, good thoughts, sent now. ¬†If any of you know Irene will you please … Continue reading A Friend In Trouble

Come, Come

This post is dedicated to my friend George and his Clan: ¬† Come, come fly with me to the Land of¬†Free when troubles you see and pain won’t flee … Come, come¬†fly with me as together we touch a Heav’n who Loves us ever so much! ~~~ Photography/ “Come, Come” September 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Friends, I … Continue reading Come, Come

Note To My Friends

This photograph was taken at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve. ¬†Autumn colors are definitely beginning to show. ¬†Oh for the JOY!! ¬†Golden Light has arrived!! (smile) Now on to other matters … I am having a lot of difficulties with WP lately. ¬†Firstly I don’t seem to be able to get my posts in the reader … Continue reading Note To My Friends

The Bridge

Your kindness, your Love, and your prayers are all helping¬†me to cross the Bridge that leads to Bliss. Bless each and every one of you who have reached out to me in this extraordinarily tough passage of my Life. ~~~~~ MF Photography/ “Bridge” July 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com I know I have said it before, yet again … Continue reading The Bridge


Community is created with¬†commitment to (honest) communication ~~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Community” June 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com *I would like to take this time to thank each one of you for your acceptance of who I am, for your support and enjoyment of my Art, and for bridging the miles between us with genuine gestures … Continue reading Community

Thank YOU! (2 IMAGES)

Lending me your shoulder at this time of my Life I am deeply grateful to you for. Thank YOU! I Love you! ~~~~ Flowers are: ¬†1) Campanula ‘Freya’ ¬† ¬†2) Mesa Verde Ice Plant MF Macro Photography Without Tripod/ “Thank YOU” 6-2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Dear Friends, the tragedies are just not ceasing. ¬†Barely able to feel … Continue reading Thank YOU! (2 IMAGES)

Smashing Success

To my absolute astonishment, I discovered that a blogger here on WP lives not far from me. ¬†So this past Monday on the 14th, I had a luncheon date with Cordeliasmom, whom I discovered is just as lovely in person as she is on her blog.¬† The link I provided is her “take” on our … Continue reading Smashing Success

Faux Pas

This post is my way of again offering my apologies to a very dear friend of mine.¬† Mark, this post is for you. Mornings are one of the busiest times of the day for me, each and every day, but more so when I have an appointment to get to as I did yesterday when … Continue reading Faux Pas

Fly Fly Fly

With Love and Friendship we can climb every mountain we can forge every deep river that comes our way! And when the hardships end we shall fly fly fly ever so high as we dance our cares away on the wispy clouds in play. MF Photography/ “Fly Fly Fly” 2015¬©AmyRose [Photo taken at Como Park, … Continue reading Fly Fly Fly

Napping With Tee

While I was napping yesterday, dropping on the grass after spending hours putting new plants into the ground, my husband with great care so as not to wake me, snapped away with his camera.¬† I of course, having no clue, napped away.¬† What is so endearing in this photo, to me, is Tee who elected … Continue reading Napping With Tee