The Pass

When all is said and done Truth will overcome   Dark will pass just like gas   The stench may linger a temporary stinger   No worries, all will clear as so will fear   For Truth with light points to mankind’s might   Where in which Truth is pitched   Right to the song … Continue reading The Pass

Destiny’s Dawn Of Light

Destiny’s¬†Dawn of Light IS here and in so doing …   Grace replaces evil.   Gentleness replaces malevolence.   Gratitude replaces greed.   Generosity replaces narcissism.   Greatness replaces decay.   Gallantry replaces cowardice.   Glory replaces destruction.   Goodness replaces corruption.   Goodwill replaces hatred. And in so doing, Love spreads throughout the Land. … Continue reading Destiny’s Dawn Of Light

Hope Is Born

This is a story about hope. Hope that there is a better and brighter future for all of us right around the corner. Hope that the intense chaos and unrest in the world today will form a world where love, peace and justice are the very foundations upon which this new world will exist. Yesterday … Continue reading Hope Is Born


While eating dinner last evening, my eyes repeatedly gazed at a particular sight I saw out my window and I thought, “I wonder if I could capture what I am seeing with my camera.” I looked and wondered all the time as I ate. When finished with dinner, I went to get my long lens … Continue reading Serendipity


  Juve Red-Tail Hawk Everywhere I walked I was deliberately stopped for you see others, desperate for conversation, wanted to talk to me. Not one person that day had mask or gloves on. Now if you are out and about taking a walk in a park, all you have to do is have binocs around … Continue reading Freedom


A night not long ago I slept not well at all. ¬†The following morning, though very tired I elected to go to my favorite park camera in hand. ¬†That park embraced me oh so tenderly and on the spot I fell in Love (again). Peace descended, Bliss at Her side, and by the time I … Continue reading Freedom

Rebound Effect

In treating another without respect, with malice and frigid ice, know, Dear One, that what is given by you shall be given thusly unto you. In acting cruelly and¬†harshly we only set ourselves up for a future date with the rebound effect wherewith the shoe is now on the other foot giving opportunity to¬†truly forgive … Continue reading Rebound Effect

Letting Go

When is the last time you danced like no one¬† was watching? ~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Letting Go” 6-2016¬©AmyRose *I have begun and will continue to publish aspects of my Life on a regular basis. ¬†These are not fabrications. ¬†My Heart has been guiding me to show you ME, my Life, and … Continue reading Letting Go


In letting go the Many Waters Within the prison bars will be no more giving the Flow of Life precedence as Freedom is finally felt of spirit, body and mind. ~~~~~ Photography/ “Release” 2016¬©AmyRose Waterfalls at Chestnut Ridge County Park. Continue reading Release

Letting Go

Letting go can be so very painful especially in those situations where the Heart has invested so very much. In order to set ourselves free of that which is weighing us down so that we can once again see the glorious Colors of Life, we with determined step and focused Mind Set ourselves free by … Continue reading Letting Go

Molly Is Free

Earlier today, Molly went to the Angels.¬† She lost her battle with CHF and won Everlasting Life. As I was going about my morning routine this morning, I heard Molly scream. In running to her I saw her aggressively and desperately licking her left leg.¬† Not knowing what was going on, I rushed to pick … Continue reading Molly Is Free

Totally Free

We are halfway to the weekend!!¬† So smile!¬† May these glorious Yellow Flowers bring you Good Cheer today! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To BE totally free flowing with All That IS confidence is ours that in this Connection we are BEing our Powerful Selves. MF Macro Photography/ “Totally Free” 2015¬©AmyRose Continue reading Totally Free

Hard Earned Wisdom (5 IMAGES)

The harder you hold onto something
the more that something will resist you.

Continue reading “Hard Earned Wisdom (5 IMAGES)”