Walk 2

Now knowing how time is of the essence, Hubby quickly we became enthralled in what we were doing after an initial “hiccup”. Being fully present both in our walk and what was around us, for a few moments we actually strolled hand-in-hand. Not for long however, because very soon both of our hands became occupied … Continue reading Walk 2

Feel The Love

I just couldn’t wait for “another” day to show you the Beauty I saw today. I’m in Love. I’m high so high on Love. This image was taken with no-new. It was however taken on a different AF mode then I normally take my pictures on. If it wasn’t for the tick-tock, I wouldn’t be … Continue reading Feel The Love

Along The Path

Hubby took me for a walk in Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park on Mother’s Day with not only my camera on my person, but his camera on his as well. About where I shot this picture and down a bit, we bumped into a man with a monopod slung over his shoulder with his Canon … Continue reading Along The Path

The Way

And so I see Angels have again made the Way for you and me to follow or flee ~~~ Photograph taken at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park, NY I shot this image pointing my camera into the sun, which supposedly you don’t do, according to the rules of photography. ¬†I don’t tend to follow rules … Continue reading The Way

The Dream

Don’t dare you give up don’t cheat yourself of Peace to come ~~~ My toes burned with bitter cold. ¬†My legs ached with every step I took. ¬†The backpack experiment was miserably failing. ¬†My back just would not tolerate the weight of my long lens and two bottles of water in a backpack slung on … Continue reading The Dream


Oh my goodness! The Holidays are once again upon us. How did this happen? Didn’t Christmas just happen like yesterday? ~~~~ There is so much stress related to this time of year it isn’t even funny. ¬†This madness that begins at Thanksgiving is how shall I put it? ¬†Gee, I believe I’ve said it. ¬†Madness. … Continue reading Holidays

A Brand New Day

Ahhhh … a brand new day ripe with budding possibilities packed with millions of choices some with the intention to achieve joy … fun … smiles … as we¬†deliberately¬†set our Minds to serenely paddle in the Stream of Life to Flow effortlessly¬† downstream ~~~~ Some of you may have noticed that the last post I … Continue reading A Brand New Day


(Subject may be controversial or cause triggering for some of you. ¬†I’m using my beautiful photography for Balance in this post. ¬†All pictures are from my walk at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park, NY on Saturday, 4, 2017.) I was told by my doctor I had miscarried. ¬†Miserable and in pain I said, “But, I’m … Continue reading NDE (14 IMAGES)


Without Experiential knowledge Conceptual knowledge would not be understood ~~~ Photography/ “Knowledge”/ October 2017¬©AmyRose http://www.herladypinkrosewordpress.com ūü§ĒūüćĀūü§Ē Again comments are closed. ¬†Between the beautiful weather and still going through comments from the post titled, “What Is The Point?”, my time here has been limited. ¬†My Heart is calling me to be in a Forest or outside … Continue reading Knowledge