Feel The Love

I just couldn’t wait for “another” day to show you the Beauty I saw today. I’m in Love. I’m high so high on Love. This image was taken with no-new. It was however taken on a different AF mode then I normally take my pictures on. If it wasn’t for the tick-tock, I wouldn’t be … Continue reading Feel The Love

Along The Path

Hubby took me for a walk in Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park on Mother’s Day with not only my camera on my person, but his camera on his as well. About where I shot this picture and down a bit, we bumped into a man with a monopod slung over his shoulder with his Canon … Continue reading Along The Path

The Way

And so I see Angels have again made the Way for you and me to follow or flee ~~~ Photograph taken at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park, NY I shot this image pointing my camera into the sun, which supposedly you don’t do, according to the rules of photography. ¬†I don’t tend to follow rules … Continue reading The Way

The Dream

Don’t dare you give up don’t cheat yourself of Peace to come ~~~ My toes burned with bitter cold. ¬†My legs ached with every step I took. ¬†The backpack experiment was miserably failing. ¬†My back just would not tolerate the weight of my long lens and two bottles of water in a backpack slung on … Continue reading The Dream


Oh my goodness! The Holidays are once again upon us. How did this happen? Didn’t Christmas just happen like yesterday? ~~~~ There is so much stress related to this time of year it isn’t even funny. ¬†This madness that begins at Thanksgiving is how shall I put it? ¬†Gee, I believe I’ve said it. ¬†Madness. … Continue reading Holidays

A Brand New Day

Ahhhh … a brand new day ripe with budding possibilities packed with millions of choices some with the intention to achieve joy … fun … smiles … as we¬†deliberately¬†set our Minds to serenely paddle in the Stream of Life to Flow effortlessly¬† downstream ~~~~ Some of you may have noticed that the last post I … Continue reading A Brand New Day


(Subject may be controversial or cause triggering for some of you. ¬†I’m using my beautiful photography for Balance in this post. ¬†All pictures are from my walk at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park, NY on Saturday, 4, 2017.) I was told by my doctor I had miscarried. ¬†Miserable and in pain I said, “But, I’m … Continue reading NDE (14 IMAGES)


Without Experiential knowledge Conceptual knowledge would not be understood ~~~ Photography/ “Knowledge”/ October 2017¬©AmyRose http://www.herladypinkrosewordpress.com ūü§ĒūüćĀūü§Ē Again comments are closed. ¬†Between the beautiful weather and still going through comments from the post titled, “What Is The Point?”, my time here has been limited. ¬†My Heart is calling me to be in a Forest or outside … Continue reading Knowledge

I Got The Shot

Yes, it poured. Yes, the skeeters ate me alive. Yes, my cell that barely rings rang 4 times, 3 being an unknown number. ¬†Grrrrr …. Yes, hubby called telling me there is a tornado watch. ¬†So? ¬†It’s only a watch. ¬†Besides today is a good day to die. ¬†I really stood there looking at the … Continue reading I Got The Shot