My Reality

Friends, do not hook into the deliberate lies, propaganda, and fear tactics that the media is pounding at us. Stop reading, stop listening, just STOP! This is NOT my reality and as I have said so many times in previous years, I will not bend my knee to fear. Start getting involved in those things … Continue reading My Reality

Unconscious Fear

Written for Wendi. Bless you on your journey.   Reading the words, “Always the battle of the Spiritual Warrior is with the self. Funding a will though action, yet¬†unattached to outcomes,¬†remaining¬†mindful that all you can do is stay out of your own way and let the Will of Heaven flow through you — these are … Continue reading Unconscious Fear

Fear (7 IMAGES)

Funny this thing we call and know as fear. ¬†It comes in all sorts of disguises. ¬†And in so doing it keeps us imprisoned in learned responses all with the intention to perpetuate fear over and over again. The stomach cramps. ¬†The back of the neck tightens. ¬†The breath becomes shallow. ¬†The heart rate increases. … Continue reading Fear (7 IMAGES)


This was no joke. ¬†My heart was pounding in avid fear. ¬†And there was nothing I could do to change that fact. With one eye in my rear view mirror, to my absolute horror I saw behind me the driver of a huge black F-250 pick-up truck wearing black shades and looking straight down at … Continue reading Fear

Perfect Love

Perfect Love notwithstanding commands all fear to flee for fear cannot exist in the Light of Love ~~~~ Photography/ “Perfect Love” 2016¬©AmyRose I must admit I was being¬†affected by not only personal family difficulties but also the tremendous chaos in this world. ¬†I pulled myself up from the “sinking feelings”¬†to¬†again¬†realize the most effective way … Continue reading Perfect Love

From Fear To Love

Learning how to Love one whose feat is fear brings with a charm delight of a dawn that blushes with balm when Love springs to Life ~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “From Fear To Love” 2016¬©AmyRose ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Raewyn highlighted me several weeks ago with a Quotes Challenge.¬† The guidelines are: The rules¬† guidelines are simple: … Continue reading From Fear To Love

Play Fear Away

To my great dismay I have been seeing a lot of fear prevalent in too many people.¬† Those that I speak of in this post are by far not the only ones, for if I wrote regarding all the fear I have witnessed, I’d be writing for a very long time. One day recently as … Continue reading Play Fear Away

Pray Through To Peace

Pray through to Peace when fear does strike. Pray through to Peace when panic spikes. Pray through to Peace when doubts arise, for when you do Peace shall firmly stay and your Happy Heart will sing like a Lovely Lark. ~~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Pray Through To Peace” 2105¬©AmyRose Hand-held uncropped image of “Pope John … Continue reading Pray Through To Peace


There is one I wish to speak But tis a wall between the both. No door, no crack, no hole, Just solid stone unmoving, tall. I will not hurt you I do swear For I am gentle, sweet, and care. Do not fear my Light nor Love I am here please don’t fear. Bring down … Continue reading LOVE-O-GRAM

Tao Corner

All fear comes from our sense of self. When we stand at the border of reality, we are afraid that we will lose our identities by plunging in. We are afraid of being destroyed. But we came from Tao in the first place. We are Tao. To return to Tao is not to be negated, … Continue reading Tao Corner

Facing Fear

When you dive deep within to face deeply in its entirety, fear, and you refuse to balk, but instead embrace it, acknowledge it, allowing it be recognized, you not only SEE it, you SEE right through it. For in acknowledging it, fear looses its power over you, having power over you only when it is … Continue reading Facing Fear

These Eyes Do See

These eyes of mine do see, do see, Even though your light too bright These eyes be blind, be blind, But not for long, not for long. For when they see again, as they shall, They see the insecurity, the fear. They see the envy and the leer. And see the plans of vengence deep, … Continue reading These Eyes Do See


In order to heal that which is crying to be healed, That which is crying to be healed…… Must be embraced. No matter how painful. For it is Real. It requires to be known. And when it is greeted with Love, and not fear, It can be changed into Peace into Love. Without eyes, one … Continue reading Alchemy