The Voice

For the first time in a very long time, the interference was gone. l compare it to static on a radio so loud that no station can come in clearly. That was happening without letup to me. I could not hear God. I could not tune into my Zone, my Zen, my Paradise. That static … Continue reading The Voice


No matter how diabolical nights become no matter how savage storms scream, with strength and faith Light surrounds the black forces that threaten, terrorize and kill, as Riders of this Light Sacred before God slay these dark dragons so the Rainbow of Promise may shine evermore. ~~~~~~ Hold strong. You are more powerful than you … Continue reading Inevitable

The Message

“He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I trust. He delivers me from the snare of the fowler And from the perilous pestilence.   He covers me with His feathers, and under His wings I take refuge … I AM not afraid of the terror by night, Nor of the arrow … Continue reading The Message

This Too Shall Be

My voice reciting my poem: When you claim¬† your¬†Gift, your Goal that is¬†nestled in¬†the Treasure Chest¬†of Hope, without any hesitation ¬†step into Faith then right into Conviction and upon both apply strong action to that which is your Gift, your Goal without heed as to how, but just know an unshakeable know yes this too … Continue reading This Too Shall Be


No one to lean¬†on weary, all alone the mind prone to race breath at times¬†too heart high up in throat in a million pieces yet seemingly intact¬† all with determination no matter what to stay strong … Keep standing digging ever so deep seeking elusive Faith down deep Within as with fierce courage facing raging … Continue reading Faith


When a big phase of Life¬†closes with finality and you feel at loose ends not knowing quite what to do, continue your Life¬†as best you can holding a firm resolution¬†tucked away in your Heart truly something wonderful¬†will come along to fill ¬†that great empty void¬†in your Life. And when It does come¬†Joy and Contentment shall … Continue reading Faith


In choosing the Path we put our feet upon we learn to lean on Faith as while not knowing what lies ahead our strong conviction in our Faith in return gives us Peace and Confidence in our Choice. ~~~~~ Photography/ “Faith” 2016¬©AmyRose [Comments Open.] ~~~~~ The next series of posts coming will contain photographs … Continue reading Faith

Star Of Success

Star of Success subtle, soft, sweet, comes in on Waves of Peace as work well done makes known the Goal achieved at long last from Daunting Passage one that met blocks, bumps, and bruises yet … Faith and Determination now know Star of Success. ~~~~~~~~ With tears of Great Gratitude and Absolute Joy, I now … Continue reading Star Of Success

When Life Looks Bleak

When Life looks bleak seemingly without Hope do not stop seeking answers and as you do know that you just may stumble upon something of great significance which will then in turn shed Magnificent Light on what seemed to be a Hopeless situation … Thereby transforming what once was deemed hopeless into something no longer … Continue reading When Life Looks Bleak

Temple Of The Trees

Many moons spent we on the River Kwoai, paddling our crafted canoe with blisters on our hands that broke and bled.¬† Not once did we complain, nor did thoughts of ending this expedition come a’pass.¬† With solid conviction in our Breasts, carried on did we.¬† Hope held high, nothing could deter us in our Knowing … Continue reading Temple Of The Trees

Life Or Death


8pm EST

Friends, it has been one very challenging day. This morning, Rusty’s paw started to turn purple (necrotic) with lines of purple going up his leg. Back to our Vet we went this morning, and everything possible was done. He has severe Cellulitis, and if it doesn’t respond to antibiotics, fluid pushes, anti-inflammatory meds, Epson-Salt soaks, and Homeopathy, we will loose our precious Rusty.

Continue reading “Life Or Death”