The Grey Zone

It appears people have been caught in what I call the Grey Zone in my neck of the woods. We seem to be going round and round with no forward motion nor with any real motivation. Some throw themselves into busy busy busy, spinning round and round, going faster and faster, but sadly in actuality … Continue reading The Grey Zone

Pockets Of Hope

When I heard our libraries were finally reopened, my heart soared! However, the library I normally frequent continued to be closed so I chose to visit another library nearby.   What a miserable experience! A sterile environment is what I unknowing walked into where plastic shields separated patrons from employees. I saw most of the … Continue reading Pockets Of Hope

Hold On To Love

I am Heartfully Dedicating this post to two wonderful women whose lives at this present moment have been turned upside down, inside out. Tragedy has struck from out of the blue, leaving both in so much pain.

At times like these, friends struggle as what to say, what not best to say, and how to comfort with Compassion and Love. From my Heart I Gift to MichelleMarie and JeanneMarie the following post, hoping that in some small way, I have lifted a tiny portion of their agony. I send my Love to you as I do my best to relay to you, how very sorry I am for your loss. With all my Love, Amy

[Please only leave comments addressed to MichelleMarie and JeanneMarie who have lossed a Loved one last week, and who are grieving. Thank you.]


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Compassion is the emotion that arises in the heart in response to witnessing the suffering of others. Focusing on the inherent suffering of life allows us to develop a compassionate stance, an actively open and caring orientation towards other people. “Compassion is that which makes the heart move at the pain of others. It crushes … Continue reading Compassion

What Love Is

Today, I had planned on giving you another written post, but as usual, my life seems to be designated by a Higher Power then I. And what better day then Valentine’s Day to write about, what Love is. There is a wild barn cat who I call Tigs. Some of you may remember me writing … Continue reading What Love Is