Choose Happy

I laid the law down. ¬†Firmly. ¬†Without ¬†rancor or anger I spoke softly. ¬†“This Christmas if I can do it so can you.” ¬†So on I went face-to-face with hubby. ¬†This Christmas no depression, no blues, no hiding. ¬†This year it will be smiles and having a good day! Friends, if you are not married … Continue reading Choose Happy

Bursting Boldly

Here we are, heading into the last weekend before Christmas! So, with that in Mind, I now give you a Bright Boost to help you as you shop! If you don’t shop may this Bright Boost give YOU all that you need to get you to Monday! (((HUGS))), Everyone! Love, Amy Bursting Boldly Streaks of … Continue reading Bursting Boldly


To all of you who struggle with the Holidays, I give you my word I shall do my very best to uplift and to inspire you to help you get through the next few weeks. When I give you words of “wisdom”, it is not in any way my show of ignorance or denial of … Continue reading Dreams

HO HO HO Part 2

In editing all my photographs, I was so disappointed in most of them. First of all, the decorating in this area has seriously decreased, so the pickings are fewer then they used to be. Second of all, most of my photographs were taken of something behind glass, and the glare on each photo, detracted from … Continue reading HO HO HO Part 2