Humble Pie

Well well well. Isn’t this just grande? I’m eating the pie Mother has most graciously offered called Humble Pie. A few posts back I stated that this Autumn the leaves instead of weeks spanning the change of colors, are doing so in days’ time. It started out that way yet here I am, weeks later … Continue reading Humble Pie


As a kid I drove my mother nuts asking “why” all the time. I stopped asking when I was punished enough times for asking. I learned to shelf that curiosity to avoid my mother’s wrath. Well, it seems my Cosmic Mother over the years has piqued my curiosity over and over again but this year … Continue reading Why?


Friends, I required some time off from here as some of you probably noticed. Yes I am well and strong, thank you. Yet still working on my gardens, I am realizing that what I am creating has a very high frequency, so I must include a gentle notice that if your heart is open you … Continue reading Changling

Make Change

If you want change to happen, make change yourself. If you wait for others to do so, you’ll wait a long time. Step into your power and change what you can.   Comments are closed. I have many more Fall pictures to show you but first I have to nourish me, recovering from the intensity … Continue reading Make Change

Deep Cuts

Deep cuts that excise hurt. Recovering from those deep cuts take time. A recent deep cut in my life involved two people who I considered to be friends for many years. With the grieving process kicked on to high gear traveling from shock and betrayal to acceptance and letting go left me drained yet triumphantly … Continue reading Deep Cuts

BIG Change

I must have asked the right question for within one hour of that question answers began to rapidly come in. As I was feeding Rusty yesterday morning, who hasn’t been eating the brand of food I’ve been feeding our cats, in my mind the words went something like this, “Rusty is only 8 years old. … Continue reading BIG Change

Fatale of Life (5 IMAGES)

Loss hurts. ¬†A friendship that had been so special and strong for years falters and falls when Change comes hurtling along at supersononic speeds. ¬†Huge Unforseen Life Changes drastically alter your friend’s life course. ¬†Cruelly, life tears down, pulls apart, smashes what once was leaving chaos, confusion and fear in its wake. ¬†The one Friendship … Continue reading Fatale of Life (5 IMAGES)


With Life comes change sometimes so fast so furious we end up on our behinds in chaos, confusion, in pain. Life has no guarantees with no written manual thus leaving us groping blindly in the dark. When these changes come we have a few choices … … we always do … We can fight them … Continue reading Change

Comfort Zone

The fastest way to change and grow is by being far out¬† of¬†your Comfort Zone. I challenge anyone to tell me different. ~~~~ No digital art. ¬†Image captured as seen. MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Comfort Zone” July 2016¬©AmyRose One aspect of my psyche is constantly being challenged. ¬†For you see, I developed Panic … Continue reading Comfort Zone


If change is what you want in this world change must first begin with you. This includes to choose to end the blame game and change only what you can — yourself. ~~~~ Macro Photography Without Tripod/ “Change” 2016¬©AmyRose Continue reading Change


Change your thoughts Change your Life. ~~~~~~~~ My friends, Life it seems has caught up with me.¬† The weeks of extreme stress of trying to figure out the seriousness of my Dad’s condition from long distance prior to his death, dealing with family who were in deep denial during this time period, then flying into … Continue reading Change


This post is for all of you who are presently in a phase of life that is filled with Change. For some of you (as with me) you do not understand what that Change is, yet you feel it and you know that Change, without a doubt, is upon you. Know you are not alone, … Continue reading Change

Stand Up (4 MACROS)

If you are not willing

Continue reading “Stand Up (4 MACROS)”

Wisdom Earned

The only way change is known is upon your first step towards that change. Upon that first step towards change is when Miracles first occur. So if you are waiting around for someone to rescue you to bring about change, it’s not about to happen until that first step is made. (and you continue walking) … Continue reading Wisdom Earned