Three Days Off

Seeing how such glorious weather is here, and I have so many places in mind to go to in order to bring to you Beauty, I am taking today, Friday, through Sunday off from blogging. In so doing, I am off on adventures unknown presently, yet I seek and believe me, I shall find. I have a tentative idea on where I will be headed, yet that all can change in the blink of an eye, if or when my Heart says, “OVER THERE!”

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River of Life

The following post is dedicated to two friends of mine, Niki and Maryrose. May you both find Comfort in my Words and this Image, knowing that the storm truly shall pass.

The Sun will shine again. I know. With Love, AmyRose


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Twilight Magic (9 IMAGES)

One evening, with a heavy Heart, I decided to go to a creek to photograph some waterfalls at twilight. I needed to be around water to get into my Calm Space. My Life was in a whirl so I sought solace in Mother, as I always do.

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Thus You Will Know

Thus you will come to know
there is no separation
‘tween you and God

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My New Toys

Oh, Baby! Do I ever have some awesome new toys! The EFS 17-55mm is SO heavy I am going to have to do wrist curls at the gym to strengthen my wrists! I am not joking. That is not going to stop me from going out today to play. And yes, I am playing! Know … Continue reading My New Toys