Playhouse Of Life (3 IMAGES)

To bring simplicity to complexity we must choose which¬†lens¬†to perceive the playhouse of Life with … Love over that of¬†fear I highly recommend ~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Playhouse of Life” August 2016¬©AmyRose This concludes the images taken with my Canon 50D. ¬†My next post will herald the start of a brand new Journey as … Continue reading Playhouse Of Life (3 IMAGES)

The Master Creates (4 IMAGES)

Mother’s Art needs no perfecting as time after time the Master creates ~~~~ MF Photography/ “The Master Creates” August 2016¬©AmyRose These images were taken with my Canon 50D at a park called Reinstein Woods. ¬†The tremendous beauty I see there and the endless trails will have me returning with my 6D. ¬†That is a … Continue reading The Master Creates (4 IMAGES)

More To Life

My friend Amy requested I post some waterfalls that I shot over the Summer. Here is the story on how I got to these waterfalls. Carrying a very heavy backpack that contained my camera equipment on my back, and with my tripod in its case slung over my shoulder, I waded through a slippery shade … Continue reading More To Life

November Sweetness

Imagine my surprise and to my complete delight I see this Rose in my garden … November Sweetness. ~~~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “November Sweetness” 2015¬©AmyRose [Photograph taken with Canon 50D.] (Comments closed.¬† Please just enjoy this Rose that is now blooming in my garden.) Continue reading November Sweetness

Letting Go

Letting go can be so very painful especially in those situations where the Heart has invested so very much. In order to set ourselves free of that which is weighing us down so that we can once again see the glorious Colors of Life, we with determined step and focused Mind Set ourselves free by … Continue reading Letting Go

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love means you Love in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, in the sorrows and in the Joys, in the bleak and in the bright, being together molded as ONE walking through Life holding one another learning how to be the Rock and the River and not ever giving up … Continue reading Unconditional Love

Golden Path Of Peace

Whenever I loose faith in humankind I turn to my Mother who always knows what is best for me as She and only She leads me down the Golden Path of Peace. ~~~~~ [Photography taken with my Canon 50D] Friends, I went to a park called Chestnut Ridge Park yesterday and stepped into a world … Continue reading Golden Path Of Peace

Gifts In Disguise

There come times in our lives when Life presents to us situations that by far, if given even half a chance, we would rather not have at all. These are Gifts in Disguise wherein opportunities lay hidden for us to find so we grow, bringing out and defining ourselves in ways we have as yet … Continue reading Gifts In Disguise


Surprisingly, adversity brings out aspects in us we never even knew existed. ~~~~ [Photograph taken with Canon 50D.] This shot was without doubt in every way, a lucky one.¬† Earlier that day I was driving and as I did, I made note of places I wished to return later towards twilight to get some shots … Continue reading Adversity


Friends and Family, I am reaching out to you asking for prayer for my Mother. ¬†She is gravely ill at this time and is facing an extremely risky and invasive surgery tomorrow (Friday morning). ¬†I know the power of focused thought, intention, and/or prayer. ¬†I am at this time unable to be with her because … Continue reading Centered-ness

Darkness To Dawn

Friends and Family, please know the outpouring of your Love and Support towards me during this time of my Life, has had me many times just overcome with emotion and tears. Your Gift of Love to me I hold so very closely cherishing it above all other Gifts.¬† I am slowly getting my feet back … Continue reading Darkness To Dawn

Life Of Light

Flowing with the Life of Light is the Key to Perfect Peace even with Desolation and death encompassing all around. ~~~~~ This image and this poem portray how I was feeling a few days ago as I mourned the passing of Spring and Summer. ¬†As tears fell I felt such utter sadness and emptiness that … Continue reading Life Of Light