A Day In The Park

Escaping the moment I could to catch Mother’s Ongoing Spring Show, I swiftly entered another entirely alternate World. Hubby and I have been quite involved with a major to-do here when our 17-year old Bella lost her balance and fell off a chair, landing on her side on a hardwood floor. ¬†She loves sitting on … Continue reading A Day In The Park

What Will Be

That morning, I put a stone in my jean’s pocket after getting dressed. Carefully I made sure that stone was way down at the bottom of my pocket for safe keeping. I had finally made another hair appointment after canceling my original one. I made sure all our cats were stable and that Hubby had … Continue reading What Will Be


Now of course being I am only a mere human and therefore not nearly as intelligent as a Pileated Woodpecker, never saw it coming. I, the fumbling, heart in my throat, shaky photographer grappling below as this bird watched, managed to remove one lens to put on my big and very heavy 100-400mm lens. I … Continue reading Drats!


Oh my goodness!! ¬†Involved with a vacuum cleaner I heard my husband say, “Amy, come quick!” ¬†So I ran and to my utter amazement saw this huge wild female turkey in our backyard. ¬†We have not seen wild turkeys here in at least 30 years so you can imagine my excitement! While running for my … Continue reading Give-Away

Mourning Dove

TA-DA! My first “official” bird image with my new Canon lens, my 100-400mm baby! ¬†Unfortunately, the 1.4x extender is not compatible with my camera so I must return it. ¬†It took a few phone calls with several customer service representatives to get to the bottom of the truth. ¬†Even they had to make a lot … Continue reading Mourning Dove