More Glen Falls (8 IMAGES)

As promised, I present to you more photographs of Glen Falls taken at slow shutter speeds. Keep in mind, that I was up against the sun that kept coming out from behind clouds, so some photos are taken with slower (silkier looking) shutter speeds then others. With cloud cover I was able to get slower shutter speeds to get that silky look.

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Twilight Magic (9 IMAGES)

One evening, with a heavy Heart, I decided to go to a creek to photograph some waterfalls at twilight. I needed to be around water to get into my Calm Space. My Life was in a whirl so I sought solace in Mother, as I always do.

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Enter The Twilight Zone

Last evening, I entered the Twilight Zone. I wasn’t expecting what I saw before me, and as I did, I knew I had an extremely small window of time to get what my eyes saw transferred to an image. My tripod, set on a gravel bed at the edge of a creek, I quickly repositioned, zoomed in, and shot away,

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