Wonderful Team Member Readership Award


I am breaking one of my own rules because well, I made up the rule so that entitles me with every right to break it. (GRIN) I have agreed to accept the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award from a very dear friend of mine, Kathy. When she nominated me for this award, I had to do some hard thinking. To me, this award is a real honor, and so, with that honor in mind, I accept it. Kathy can be found at:


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It’s Raining Awards

Well, it seems, Morris the cat, snuck into my house, (now how he did this is totally beyond me) and put in my stocking hung with care on my fireplace mantle, another award. I found it tonight, as I thought my stocking looked a little strange….lumpy where it had not been before. Now, this Morris … Continue reading It’s Raining Awards

Sunshine Award

In a matter of one month, I have been given the honor of two awards. To be recognized in such a fashion as this, brings tears to my eyes. Why? Because for most of my Life, I have not been seen, have striven to bring Love, and Goodness, and Cheer, and Light to this world … Continue reading Sunshine Award