Friends and Family, I am reaching out to you asking for prayer for my Mother. ¬†She is gravely ill at this time and is facing an extremely risky and invasive surgery tomorrow (Friday morning). ¬†I know the power of focused thought, intention, and/or prayer. ¬†I am at this time unable to be with her because … Continue reading Centered-ness

Royal Robes

For my Mother. ¬†Mom, may this post bring HOPE to you. ~~~~ Among the Giants of Green Stands Tall and Proud, One, In Her Royal Robes of Red Declaring to all, “I AM my Perfect Self Unafraid of what’s to come Knowing full well My wealth of leaves Will leave me bare As I stand … Continue reading Royal Robes


Autumn extends Herself so gracefully without fuss or fanfare displaying Her Colors quietly for all to see as Her Promise Spring shall return again. ~~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Autumn” 2015¬©AmyRose Continue reading Autumn

The Leaf

The leaf said to the Tree, “Let me go so I can fly back to the Light!” ‚ô† And so the Tree let go and the leaf did fly … HOME. ¬† MF Photography/ “The Leaf” 2014¬©AmyRose Continue reading The Leaf

Don’t Drive and Tree Drool (6 IMAGES)

And here you thought you wouldn’t be seeing me. (smile) I have only stepped away from blogging. I am doing what I LOVE, immersed in the World of Photography and then sharing with you!

Yesterday while running some errands, my eyes were anywhere but the road, being pulled first this way and then that way, oohing and ahhing at the incredible beauty displayed in every direction. I made sure I was driving in the right hand lane, going slow, yet many a time, I scolded myself. Keep your eyes on the road! Don’t drive and tree drool, Amy! Yet, I just couldn’t help myself! (smile)

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