Play Break

Well. Now that I with great effort brought to smooth sailing two aspects of my life, another big problem popped up. Wouldn’t you know. Like I need another problem as I do another hole in my head. Depending on how things go, I have one of two options open to me with this popped problem. … Continue reading Play Break

Come Away With Me

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!   Loving Family.   The Path of Desire.   Passionate Embrace.   Cradled with Care.   Reflection of Light.   Soulmates meet.   Mother’s Conversation.   Lover’s Hideaway.   Glorious Rapture. ~~~~ Did you think of any other titles that would match these images as you viewed them? All … Continue reading Come Away With Me


Oh my goodness! The Holidays are once again upon us. How did this happen? Didn’t Christmas just happen like yesterday? ~~~~ There is so much stress related to this time of year it isn’t even funny. ¬†This madness that begins at Thanksgiving is how shall I put it? ¬†Gee, I believe I’ve said it. ¬†Madness. … Continue reading Holidays

Patterns (2 IMAGES)

The deeply engrained patterns that dictate anger and cruelty found buried deep in psyche will not change until the one who¬† gives life to dictators ¬†anger and cruelty see and acknowledge these tyrannical patterns so¬†evolvement¬†can come. ~~~ When a child is taught to act cruelly and is surrounded by gross anger, fear, and pain, that … Continue reading Patterns (2 IMAGES)

A Brand New Day

Ahhhh … a brand new day ripe with budding possibilities packed with millions of choices some with the intention to achieve joy … fun … smiles … as we¬†deliberately¬†set our Minds to serenely paddle in the Stream of Life to Flow effortlessly¬† downstream ~~~~ Some of you may have noticed that the last post I … Continue reading A Brand New Day

Wake-Up Call

I had a wake-up call yesterday. I have not been functioning at 100%. ¬†Since the huge treble losses I had, I seem to be somewhat on automatic pilot, in a “fog”, and feeling numb. ¬†It’s hard to describe but I’m having trouble feeling “me”. ¬†I’m “in there” somewhere but I just am not able to … Continue reading Wake-Up Call


(Subject may be controversial or cause triggering for some of you. ¬†I’m using my beautiful photography for Balance in this post. ¬†All pictures are from my walk at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park, NY on Saturday, 4, 2017.) I was told by my doctor I had miscarried. ¬†Miserable and in pain I said, “But, I’m … Continue reading NDE (14 IMAGES)