Heart Touch

Have you stopped to wonder how far Heart Touch goes and how many different ways in which Heart Touch can be shared with others? With ALL? I did this morning as I was in my bed, just floating in euphoria to the sound of cats around me purring in pleasure, my hand just automatically seeking … Continue reading Heart Touch


 I have gotten to the point in my life, I stand my ground and refuse to budge, even with this NEW energy. And you know what has happened? My life has opened up and is continuing to do so. I started my own blog, something I only talked about doing. I am now working on … Continue reading IAM ALIVE!

Tangled Hearts

In reading some powerful words last night, I found myself desiring to understand. So, you can say, that today brought understanding to the words, in the form of experience. For words in of themselves, or thoughts in of themselves, or knowledge in of itself, does not bring understanding until one experiences in Life the meaning of those … Continue reading Tangled Hearts

Some Days…….

Some days, do you still find yourself shoveling ??????????? And for those of you who don’t know what you are looking at, it is the end product from what a horse eats.  SO, if you are still shoveling _______, you are in good company because so am I. SMILE! Aren’t we having FUN? Let’s get … Continue reading Some Days…….