The Moon

  I do not have the full understanding of all that transpired, but I am stating the facts here, as I KNOW them to be. Since “time” no longer makes sense to me, my days blur into each other. That being said… One night within this past week, I went outside. I saw the Moon … Continue reading The Moon

These Eyes Do See

These eyes of mine do see, do see, Even though your light too bright These eyes be blind, be blind, But not for long, not for long. For when they see again, as they shall, They see the insecurity, the fear. They see the envy and the leer. And see the plans of vengence deep, … Continue reading These Eyes Do See

The Neuronic You

Lately, there has been a shower of information that I have been receiving, which I in turn, share with you. The content and the vast complexity of what I have been shown, leaves me really not knowing where to begin. When I am shown something, or when I am given something from “Spirit”, it is … Continue reading The Neuronic You


In order to heal that which is crying to be healed, That which is crying to be healed…… Must be embraced. No matter how painful. For it is Real. It requires to be known. And when it is greeted with Love, and not fear, It can be changed into Peace into Love. Without eyes, one … Continue reading Alchemy

Intention ➡️ Knowing ➡️ Letting Go/Action ➡️ Manifestation

For days now, I have been attempting to write this article. I seem to have been caught up in a whirlwind, a virtual one, and a natural one. High winds, extremely high winds yesterday, coincided with the virtual whirlwind I was caught up in. Buffalo, NY actually made World News due to the extreme high … Continue reading Intention ➡️ Knowing ➡️ Letting Go/Action ➡️ Manifestation