Common Sense

I am going to start a series called common sense to show you how common sense (could be called intuition) is utilized. My Rocky is going to help me with this one. My poor baby is really hurting, He somehow injured his right back leg. Either his joint gave way (he has had problematic joints), … Continue reading Common Sense

So Quiet

This profound quiet All around all around. Snow softly falling All round all around. No wind no roar Just quiet no gore. Flake dances from Heav’n to Earth Softly-gently-floating to Birth. Peace peace peace is here. White pure crystal clear. Snow so cold snow so white Floating gently bringing Light. Darkness glows with the flake, … Continue reading So Quiet


My Whispers is demonstrating the latest in Yoga. It is called, take out yoga mat and bag, put on floor, and take a nap. Ah, yes, notice the FUR on this bag? This bag is a very coveted place in this house. Could I clean the fur off? You bet I could! Would I? You … Continue reading The NEW YOGA

Stag’s Message

I could not believe me eyes. As I looked out my kitchen window, there a stag, standing, tall and regal, stared directly at me. I could not move. Eye to eye, we stayed, he not moving, neither I. (I just HAD to get my camera.  Keep in mind, this photo taken through a window.) I … Continue reading Stag’s Message

HS Message

Before I begin, let me just give you fair warning, that the type of message that I have been getting, and am about to share with you, is not in the “popular category”. Truth. People just don’t wish to hear Truth, for in so doing, they must see. And darn, that is the last thing … Continue reading HS Message

I Could Not Agree More!

Doodles’ facial expression today said it all! He was totally disgusted by the turn of the weather, which means it is cold outside. Doodles doesn’t like cold so he is no longer going outside which he loves to do! Anyways, his face matched exactly how I was feeling about this “ascension process”. Just two days … Continue reading I Could Not Agree More!