Mourning Dove

TA-DA! My first “official” bird image with my new Canon lens, my 100-400mm baby!  Unfortunately, the 1.4x extender is not compatible with my camera so I must return it.  It took a few phone calls with several customer service representatives to get to the bottom of the truth.  Even they had to make a lot … Continue reading Mourning Dove


There comes a time when knowledge of another’s mistake becomes visible yet with Wisdom’s Whispers the choice is yours to either admit you know or to stay silent  all with the Intention foremost that if discretion is chosen  to be silent that action will assist the other  to learn individually how not to repeat that mistake again … … Continue reading Discretion


What drama!  The sort I could do without!  This week has been one of those weeks that left me not even knowing my name.  Or to the effects thereof. Our 16-year old Bella had an episode late Monday which left her unable to walk correctly, staggering and actually dragging her legs.  This episode was the … Continue reading Drama!

When From Love

Yesterday I agreed to go someplace with Hubby, even though I told him I did not wish to.  Earlier, however, he stated that he wanted to go but that he did not feel comfortable going without me. Instead of a tug of war, “I don’t want to go”, “I do want to go but …,” … Continue reading When From Love

Broken Child

They who hold harsh grudges and condemnation as judges within their angry breasts deny Prince Peace a place of rest as shattered dreams of such strife fight within their war-torn life ~~~~ I honestly “thought” these small “wisdom sayings” were a thing of the past.  I was proven wrong one eve not long ago as … Continue reading Broken Child