Fear (7 IMAGES)

Funny this thing we call and know as fear. ¬†It comes in all sorts of disguises. ¬†And in so doing it keeps us imprisoned in learned responses all with the intention to perpetuate fear over and over again. The stomach cramps. ¬†The back of the neck tightens. ¬†The breath becomes shallow. ¬†The heart rate increases. … Continue reading Fear (7 IMAGES)

Early Present

I have discovered a beauty tip I am passing on to you. ¬†For you men, well, either suck it up¬†tolerate this post,¬†or you could pass this tip on to the women in your life. ¬†Better yet why not try this? ¬†I double dare you! For those of you without hair, perhaps my beauty tip could … Continue reading Early Present

Choose Happy

I laid the law down. ¬†Firmly. ¬†Without ¬†rancor or anger I spoke softly. ¬†“This Christmas if I can do it so can you.” ¬†So on I went face-to-face with hubby. ¬†This Christmas no depression, no blues, no hiding. ¬†This year it will be smiles and having a good day! Friends, if you are not married … Continue reading Choose Happy

Wake-Up Call

I had a wake-up call yesterday. I have not been functioning at 100%. ¬†Since the huge treble losses I had, I seem to be somewhat on automatic pilot, in a “fog”, and feeling numb. ¬†It’s hard to describe but I’m having trouble feeling “me”. ¬†I’m “in there” somewhere but I just am not able to … Continue reading Wake-Up Call


(Subject may be controversial or cause triggering for some of you. ¬†I’m using my beautiful photography for Balance in this post. ¬†All pictures are from my walk at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park, NY on Saturday, 4, 2017.) I was told by my doctor I had miscarried. ¬†Miserable and in pain I said, “But, I’m … Continue reading NDE (14 IMAGES)


A night not long ago I slept not well at all. ¬†The following morning, though very tired I elected to go to my favorite park camera in hand. ¬†That park embraced me oh so tenderly and on the spot I fell in Love (again). Peace descended, Bliss at Her side, and by the time I … Continue reading Freedom


I’ve been asking a lot of questions both of late and for the past couple of years. ¬†Today I have answers which of course came quietly to me while I was just doing my ordinary set of actions I do every morning. ¬†I seek and I ask why and I don’t stop until I get … Continue reading Truth


Just as we began to eat dinner last evening, hubby’s cellphone rang. ¬†Seeing that it was his sister, he picked up and the words I heard …. “Hey, I heard about the neighborhood cat” … , to which I lowered my head and began to sob. ¬†This woman never calls but yet wants to talk … Continue reading Ramblings

I Love You

*Picture is of Rusty who is taking Tee’s death very hard. ¬†Tee was Rusty’s special brother. ¬†You can actually see the pain on his face and in his eyes.* Three words, “I Love you”, have gotten stuck in my throat lately. ¬†I question how those words can be said when the other person doesn’t know … Continue reading I Love You

Shock Thrice

Dearest friends, again yes again, OH how I ask for prayer from you. ¬†Please. ¬†Please help me. ¬†I don’t know how to put myself together again. ¬†This has just gone too far with three major deaths in less then two months span. My precious Tee who you see here on Saturday the 23rd, the same … Continue reading Shock Thrice