The deeper one goes the more expanse grows for what was once known as reality in space¬† ¬†now metamorphosis is taking its place ~~~~~ My Life Journey, though very painful, has cracked the egg so to speak, to reveal the chicken. ¬†What I once understood to be my reality, no longer is. ¬†Changes as fast … Continue reading Expansion


Change … It happens. Sure we are sad for but a little while to see something we Love go, but then we who Love Life, we keep moving forward in order to discover what the New Season right around the bend shall bring to us. ~~~~~ Photography/ “Change” 2015¬©AmyRose [Photograph taken with Canon 50D.] Continue reading Change

May All Hearts

Dedicated to all our Sisters and Brothers affected by the inhumane terrorist act in Paris, France. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ May all Hearts finally agree to beat as ONE in Peace and Harmony. ~~~~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “May All Hearts” 2015¬©AmyRose [Comments closed in respect for those who are suffering right now.] Continue reading May All Hearts


It seems just yesterday that truly I was in Bliss walking this forest drinking in deeply ¬†the majestic colors. And just the other day I again walked this great forest and none but bare did I but see. ~~~~ Photography/ “Yesterday” 2015¬©AmyRose [Photo taken with Canon 50D.] Continue reading Yesterday