Echo (2 IMAGES)

Friends, we have suffered another loss in our family. ¬†Our precious Echo who has been so ill for so long went to Heaven yesterday, January 4th. ¬†Our baby left this Earth with an over abundance of Love from us, much more then when he was born with. Years ago his owners, even though he was … Continue reading Echo (2 IMAGES)

Echo (Video)

Below is a video of Echo, our precious deaf outdoor cat. ¬†Hubby and I are bringing him into our Vet tomorrow morning at 9am to get a complete blood panel done. ¬†This sweetheart was kicked out of his owner’s house years ago and was living in the barn next door. ¬†He now lives in our … Continue reading Echo (Video)

Cuddles (video)

This video of Cuddles is something that happens every day. ¬†You can hear from my voice a bit of exasperation because just as I have completely cleaned up in the kitchen for the morning (every morning), in walks Cuddles for more food. ¬†*sigh* ¬†And yes I know I recently posted a video of Cuddles and … Continue reading Cuddles (video)

Boy Play

Rusty is the official instigator in this house. ¬†He is energy in action not stopping unless he is sleeping. He keeps everyone including me on their toes. ¬†And it seems every time I have a camera in view, Rusty must get the attention even if I have the intention of photographing someone else. Here is … Continue reading Boy Play

Rusty And Me (VIDEO)

Since my last post was quite the heavy, today’s post will [hopefully] bring laughter to the forefront. ¬†What you are about to see is what happens whenever I eat a hardboiled egg. ¬†Rusty must share that egg with me and believe me if I allowed him, he’d eat the entire yoke. ¬†Oh yes he has … Continue reading Rusty And Me (VIDEO)


Cuddles seen so intense taken with my Canon 50D through¬† a window and screen ~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Cuddles” August 2016¬©AmyRose Cuddles, one of our “special needs cats”, suffers from lower urinary tract spasms which interferes with voiding. ¬†This condition is very painful and leads to a lot of trouble, mainly that … Continue reading Cuddles

Brotherly Love (2 IMAGES)

Rocky with Karma July 13, 2016 ~~~~~~ Brotherly Love ~~~~¬† Karma loved clean¬†and towards the end he could no longer groom himself. ¬†No matter how much Mom cleaned him and brushed him, Rocky still found a reason to clean his brother. ¬†I had to supervise these cleanings at all times. Rocky tended to overdo and … Continue reading Brotherly Love (2 IMAGES)

Utter Adoration (2 IMAGES)

Sassy with Karma July 14, 2016. ~~~~~~¬† Utter Adoration. ~~~~~~~ Photography/MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Utter Adoration” July 2016¬©AmyRose Cats’ instincts when another cat is ill or dying, is to ignore that cat who is ill or dying, going so far as pushing that cat out of the family network. ¬†A very¬†unique family dynamic … Continue reading Utter Adoration (2 IMAGES)


Friends, my fur baby Karma has recently taken a turn for the worse. ¬†I have officially stepped into Intensive Care with him¬†so I will not be able to be here at WP much at¬†all until this “phase” either settles down or I am once again walking the Path of Mercy. Having just recovered physically, mentally, … Continue reading Karma

Love Conquers All

Bella (white) was rescued by us in 2009 when she somehow managed to find us. (Long story that is hard to believe!) She was very badly abused, filthy, and extremely¬†ill. For at least one year after being with us, no one, including me, could get near Bella without her screaming in absolute terror. Oh the … Continue reading Love Conquers All


I am not able to tell you the pain that my Heart holds right now. ¬†Even though our Prinny is finally pain free, my humanness misses her with every fiber of my being. Prinny was so sick the entire time she graced her presence with us. ¬†She appeared on October 16, 2009 in our backyard, … Continue reading Prinny

Big Brother

I Love you so much that at times I think my Heart will just explode! ~~~~~ Charlie and Rusty Photography/ “Big Brother” 2016¬©AmyRose It seems in the transference of photographs from my Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone into my laptop, the quality of the image changes. This picture was not only challenging to get as … Continue reading Big Brother

Precious Moment

There’s no place I’d rather BE then NOW here with One I adore. ~~~~ This is a picture of Sassy sleeping on Karma.¬† It is SO precious!¬† Not wanting to take any chances I quietly ran on tiptoe to get my phone.¬† If any of you know anything about cats, you blink and they are … Continue reading Precious Moment


I caught him! Finally, I have proof positive that my cat Rocky really is SUPERKAT ROCKY! Last night, while I was photographing the Moon, I saw him, I actually saw him! He was collecting Magic Moon Dust on the Moon, so he could bring it back home. He just knew this Magic Moon Dust would heal Rusty’s paw. Rocky loves his brother SO much he flew to the Moon.

Continue reading “CAUGHT!!!”