My Phlox are just now flowering. ¬†Those are the purple and pink flowers in this picture. ¬†I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but Ms. Cookie was in our living room window watching me as I took this picture. ¬†If you look closely you can see her sweet face. ¬†The garden with the Tulips … Continue reading Gardens

Heaven (3 IMAGES)

This year my gardens have been gloriously beautiful because of all the rain we have had this Spring. ¬†I don’t think I’ve ever seen more flowers on my Lilacs then this year and with cool temperatures the flowers remained scenting the very air with perfume for longer then usual. ¬†To say I was in heaven … Continue reading Heaven (3 IMAGES)


It is not possible to control Life for when you do fear controls you. Instead, know that which¬† you can control — ¬†how your “react” to Life as too your actions. ~~~~ Photograph of my Lavender MF Macro Without Photography/ “Know” July2016¬©AmyRose My Karma has been pulled through a Life Crisis. ¬†Today for the … Continue reading Know

Welcome! (11 IMAGES)

Enter the Land of the Fairies also known as my gardens. ¬†Take a stroll with me this day and see the Magic Mother has poured upon¬†me this year. Come! ¬† Take my hand and feast your eyes. ¬† Scroll as you stroll. (All gardens you are about to see were made by me with only … Continue reading Welcome! (11 IMAGES)