When Life (6 IMAGES)

*Turn phones horizontal/visit blog to view FULL SCREEN* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When life hurts look at me and smile ~~~~ When life gets rough look at me for solace ~~~~ When life leaves you scared look at me to find courage ~~~~~ When life becomes exhausting look to me for renewed vigor ~~~~ When life becomes dull … Continue reading When Life (6 IMAGES)

The Race

How does my garden grow these days (?) you may ask of me. ~~~~ It’s growin’ I reply keeping me so busy my head at times spins. ~~~~ This odd Spring with blasts of frigid had the flowers all mixed up. ~~~~ All of them showed themselves at once oh my, ~~~~ which left me … Continue reading The Race

Spring Medley

Red Columbine ~~~ Purple Columbine ~~~ Lily of the Valley ~~~~ Azalea ~~ Lithodora ~~~ Peony ~~ “Art” ~~ Carnation ~~~ Peony ~~ Clematis ~~~ Peony ~~ So many pictures, so many flowers. This post gives you a slight idea of the vast array of flowers I have. These gardens had me hopping because of … Continue reading Spring Medley

Flower Talk

Finally finally I open at last! Am I not the sexiest girl you have ever seen? Oh it feels so good to strut my stuff! To say the least I’m not shy … ~~~ Any Blushing Bride would be beside herself with unmitigated Joy with me as her Bridal Bouquet. Be still your Hearts! I … Continue reading Flower Talk


You remind me that Love truly exists even on those days it does not seem to … Thank goodness! ~~~~ You show me in all your Perfection many are the Paths to the ONE … So chill … ~~~~ You show me the way how not to hide when life threatens to hurt … I … Continue reading Education

Oh For The JOY (2 IMAGES)

Be still my Heart!! Flowers, color and JOY all to behold as I Journey in a world of Wonder galore! ~~~~~ Macro Photography Without Tripod/ “Oh For The Joy”/ February 2017¬©AmyRose http://www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com The weather here in WNY last week¬†was extremely warm, unheard of at least in my lifetime. ¬†The high Friday¬†was around 72-78¬įF depending upon … Continue reading Oh For The JOY (2 IMAGES)

Homecoming (4 IMAGES)

This post is dedicated to a very dear friend whose Clan¬†moved mountains in order for all Loved Ones to be present on Thanksgiving. ¬†Bless all of you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Gathering commences all is prepared family, friends, Love together as One ¬†coming¬†from far and wide¬† with immense Gratitude held in every Heart for sharing a feast, … Continue reading Homecoming (4 IMAGES)

The Light (3 IMAGES)

And when it was all said and done the Light of a New Dawn broke though ~~~~~ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ Photographs taken with Canon EOS 6D. MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “The Light” August 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com In order to manage my very full Life, and still be here on WP to blog, I have devised … Continue reading The Light (3 IMAGES)

Playhouse Of Life (3 IMAGES)

To bring simplicity to complexity we must choose which¬†lens¬†to perceive the playhouse of Life with … Love over that of¬†fear I highly recommend ~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Playhouse of Life” August 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com This concludes the images taken with my Canon 50D. ¬†My next post will herald the start of a brand new Journey as … Continue reading Playhouse Of Life (3 IMAGES)

Imagine (2 IMAGES)

Imagine what I can do with a Canon 6D!!! ¬†The two images below I took last evening with hubby’s Canon EOS Rebel T5i. ¬†OH. ¬†MY. ¬†GOD. ¬†Imagine what I can do! ¬†Are you getting as excited as I am? ¬†Oh be still my Heart! ¬†The possibilities of what I can create are endless!! ¬†I’ve waited … Continue reading Imagine (2 IMAGES)


When is the last time you unplugged from technology and plugged into Mother? ~~~ Photograph of my Peonies. MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “When?” 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com I thank each of you for viewing my work, especially at¬†this time of my Life. ¬†I am still unable to blog and even posting this today was almost too … Continue reading When?

Origami Splendor (8 IMAGES)

Addicted. ¬†Beyond all help. ¬†I could not stop. ¬†One after the other. ¬†Editing¬†with tears stinging¬†my eyes. ¬†Surrounded by Perfection. ¬†Origami Splendor. Sitting at my laptop, staring in wonder at the Majestic Creations I was allowed to capture, I didn’t know how to choose the images to show you. ¬†Shooting a total of thirty-one¬†frames I deleted … Continue reading Origami Splendor (8 IMAGES)