Sweet Shutter Sings

Hiking uncleared¬†paths¬†of snow which rose¬†at times¬†mid-calf heart galloping¬†with¬†plumes of ivory¬†ascending¬†with¬†every breath toes long gone numb as too the dripping nose yet eyes ceaselessly¬†searching¬†for the prize of determined go. And sure enough up ahead the golden crown¬†did beckon as with eager tread the picture maker draws ever the nearer while¬†the world as once perceived the dimmer … Continue reading Sweet Shutter Sings

Healer’s Award

I have been given a most humbling recognition for the “healing work” I do here at Petals Unfolding. ¬†I was nominated for the Healer’s Award by Erika¬†and because this is such an extreme honor, I accepted. Yes I know I broke my own rule of not accepting awards. ¬†Yes I know Petals Unfolding is an … Continue reading Healer’s Award