Crystal Clarity

Sometimes in order for a photographer to remain sharp   she must challenge herself which requires   a good eye, at times overcoming a hostile environment, seeing art,   a steady hand, and pushing beyond her “known” boundaries.   Sometimes a photographer is willing   to subject herself with discomfort and hardship   all for … Continue reading Crystal Clarity

A Little Pizazz

*Turn phones horizontal/visit blog to view FULL SCREEN* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I thought I’d have some fun in PS to see what I could do with this Rose. I gave Her a bit of pizazz and jazz. I’ve been working so hard ‘tween pruning bushes and trees (and almost slicing one of my fingertips off) and catching … Continue reading A Little Pizazz

Water (2 IMAGES)

Well, since so many of you would like to see more playing from me, I played again. ¬†The image in this post¬†was taken in Como Park on February 24th. ¬†This view always catches my eye no matter the time of day I go. ¬†I always stop to stare because there is just something that draws … Continue reading Water (2 IMAGES)

Having Fun (2 IMAGES)

I found myself after a very challenging day on the couch just “playing”. ¬†I first started in the PixLr app on my phone then imported to PS then on to LR. ¬†Please don’t ask me how I created this because I could not tell you. ¬†I just played. ¬†(smile) ¬†The second image is the original. … Continue reading Having Fun (2 IMAGES)

Oopsie Into Art (2 IMAGES)

Warning! ¬†Make sure you have sunglasses on to view! ¬†This is a tad on the bright side! Saturday found me¬†freezing standing on a bridge with my camera and tripod. ¬†My finger was¬†so cold I could barely feel the shutter button and before I was ready¬†to push the shutter, oops, it did so. ¬†Because I was … Continue reading Oopsie Into Art (2 IMAGES)


No one to lean¬†on weary, all alone the mind prone to race breath at times¬†too heart high up in throat in a million pieces yet seemingly intact¬† all with determination no matter what to stay strong … Keep standing digging ever so deep seeking elusive Faith down deep Within as with fierce courage facing raging … Continue reading Faith

To Love With Love

This is a very rare shot of Whispers who avoids the camera like the plague. ¬†The only reason he complied is because he was only half awake in the middle of cat napping. ¬†I know. ¬†I have a lot of nerve to disturb him. ¬†I know! Doesn’t his precious face make your Heart just melt? … Continue reading To Love With Love


You do not know what you can¬†achieve when you strive to reach the Stars in the Champagne of Life! ~~~ With Karma’s death, I lost my mojo. ¬†I lost my intense thrill with my camera, I lost the¬†magic associated¬†with that camera, the words I heard all the time just gone, and the daily Joy of … Continue reading Celebration!

Hold On Tight

In the times Life becomes fast and furious hold on tight to¬†the Light which keeps you grounded ~~~~ Photography/Digital Art/ “Hold On Tight” July 2016¬©AmyRose Friends, lately I have become so frustrated with the results I am getting from my camera. ¬†It is not taking clear, crisp photos anymore. ¬†At first I thought it … Continue reading Hold On Tight

Real Or Not? (6 IMAGES)

Lying in the grass two evenings ago,¬†I just looked around me admiring how the low horizon sun played hide and seek with¬†the shadows in the gentle, caressing breezes. ¬†I began to create with my camera shooting magic that I would have not seen if I had not been laying in the grass. All the images … Continue reading Real Or Not? (6 IMAGES)

Do Not Give Up

Well. ¬†Well. ¬†Well. I’ve been proven a liar. I would have sworn I was preparing for another loss. ¬†Yet, that did not stop me from researching Homeopathy to find a remedy that¬†may¬†improve Karma’s condition. Saturday. ¬†I came to a firm decision to make an appointment with the in-home Veterinarian who performs euthanasia. ¬†Just by the … Continue reading Do Not Give Up

Tee (3 IMAGES)

I have one very very grateful cat by the name of Tee who most of you remember had to be taken in to our Veterinarian after wounds from a fight became grossly infected. ¬†If that trip had not been made, Tee, would be dying. ¬†And he knows it. ¬†He’s been since the fight and consequent … Continue reading Tee (3 IMAGES)