What Is Truth?

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  1. I love Billy Carson too and watch his Facebook Livestreams! I saw him in person at a TCCH conference earlier this year and was drawn into his brilliance. Anyway as for an analogy, think of flowing someone’s ashes (remains) into the sea. Think about how they float for awhile before sinking. And then think about how there’s an ocean floor, yet still cavernous areas below the oceans. Consider there’s always water or other liquids within things, our bodies (blood), trees (sap), clouds (rain), etc.
    I hope this helps demistify “firmament” for you.

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    1. Thinker Shiela!! Thank you so much for this comment. From my understanding the firmament is a dome covering the entire expanse above the earth. What you described to me is an analogy of what is above so it is below. That makes sense. My brain is trying to grasp the total picture when I need to look at it in chunks and then build upon that. Did you see the links I included regarding firmament? Both blew me away especially the drawing of what the firmament is.

      I just recently came upon Billy Carson’s work and yes I agree the man is brilliant! Wow you saw him in person ….. what an experience! NICE!!

      I know there are thinkers in this world like me who question everything. And I mean everything. When you begin to ponder upon the mysteries that I know we understand somehow, the urge is so great inwardly that grows and grows until we reclaim that understanding. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Sheila. They are so appreciated!!! God bless you for diving in deep. Sending you so much love today! xo

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      1. I did and I have seen similar drawings of the earth before. And though I worked for NASA at the Space Center I never believed all they claimed. I always thought the rainbow was light reflecting off a dome.
        Oh, and I heard a terrarium story on Mystery Science theater when I was a teenager that totally shook me to my core.

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      2. Love your thoughts about the rainbow, Sheila. How fascinating that throughout our lives we have had “shock” moments that went right to our bones, and in so doing, made us more aware. How awesome! Thank you for sharing! xo

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    2. Here is something I wrote a while back when studying Gen. 1-3.
      To understand Genesis Ch. 2 and onward to the end of the scriptures—all Scriptures every religion and human history—we must first jump ahead to Chapter 3, “The fall” as it is traditionally called. However it is more accurately the the Great Deception (3:13).

      What is a lie? Simply put it is not the truth. The truth is always true and a lie is always a lie. A lie can never be made true nor can the truth be turned into a lie. It can be true someone tells you a lie. It can also be true that you believe the lie is true but neither option will make the lie true. Believing the lie is true still doesn’t make it true except in your own consciousness. Once you believe the lie to be true it will be easier to make others believe it is true as well. Also the most difficult thing to accomplish then is to convince those who believe the lie to be true, that it is, in fact a lie. We just don’t like to be told we are wrong, do we. So on from there, throughout history. Duality is not true.

      “There is only God; all else is a lie”. H. Emilie Cady; Collected works
      Also I’d like to recommend “Power verses Force” by David R. Hawkins

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      1. Hi, David. I have read your comment several times and I so appreciate your added thoughts to this post. I am no Bible scholar and I do not profess to ever be one.

        Believing in lies has become the norm today yet due to the intensity of world events, more and more people I’m so overjoyed to see, are saying no to the narratives and seeking truth on their own. How exciting!!!

        That being said, we have to first know what truth is, and that is variable from one person to the next. Yet all truths connect to the One Source creating one truth. We as a species are expanding our consciousness and as we do, God is expanding as well. We are intricately interconnected for what affects us affects God and vice versa.

        There is no duality in our Natural State of Being, the Christ Consciousness, yet in order to maintain that state of being, we must have the knowledge how to. Hence the seeking. I know the NOW moment holds no time nor duality yet I still am unable to maintain that state every second of every day. There is however duality in the 3rd Dimension in order for us to see the shadow that defines the light in order for us to work through the shadow to walk in light. That is the purpose of duality. As an artist, if there was not shadow there would be no form on my pictures.

        I have taken note of the two references you mentioned, which I really thank you for. I will check in with my Inner Guidance (God’s Voice) to see if those two aspects of truth are for me.

        Oh as for convincing someone they are believing a lie, you cannot. It is not your responsibility nor do any of us have the authority to tell someone they believe in a lie. Why? They are entitled to their own journey and will see for themselves at the appropriate time that what they thought true is not. Can we live by example and not feed into their lie? Yes. But to preach or to insist that others do not know what truth is, doesn’t fair well. I know from my own life that actions speak a whole lot louder then words AND when I go within to change that which I change in order to allow more light into my DNA and every one of my billions of cells, those around me change. My vibration affects everything around me. And when I climb higher, it is felt and great miracles do happen.

        OK. I’m stopping here. Thank you for your words that in turn made my brain sizzle again. The most important part of this journey is to accept others where they are on their Path. Difficult at times, oh yes. Yet it is doable. Sending you so much love today!! xo

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      2. Yes Amy we are all on this journey expressing our facets of the infinite Oneness of the Diamond that is God. God has put us where we are to shine Her radiance as we are able. Even our perceived imperfections are perfect for that moment. Also I do love your photos and the Spirit they express. thankyou for your consistency throughout the years.

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      3. David, you put tears in my eyes with your words. I do not know any other way but to be who I am and so I have refused to allow anyone to break my integrity of what I know to be good and pure. I LOVE what you said about “God has put us where we are to shine Her radiance as we are able.” God bless you for your faith, your wisdom, your integrity. xoxo


      4. I don’t have a Flicker account, David, but I did make the effort to write a comment. Since I am unable to post on your site I will here:

        David, your photography is infinitely universal in design and deeply familiar to me. You are so far ahead of most people. In Goblet-1 I see Sacred Geometry and I know there is meaning far above my understanding yet I push onward to get to that knowledge. I will be spending more time here as I’ve bookmarked your site in that I know that I know while viewing your images, I will be in turn triggered to seek the Sacred even more deeply in my images. You are abSOULutely incredible!!


  2. Many people spend an entire lifetime seeking for the truth, so don’t expect to understand it all straightaway or to find the right path equally quickly. And who knows? The truth may come looking for you.

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    1. My entire life, John, has been set around seeking the truth for I have a built in BS meter. I detect lies, untruths, scams. So this is not new to me but what is new the extent of where my Mind is going lately. Contemplating this post all morning long, I realized instead of attempting to grasp the whole picture in its entirety I will start by understanding small amounts of truth as I build to my crescendo to the bigger picture. This is the only way my brain that has been denied these truths in this realm will be able to handle what has come to my attention. That being said, I’ve been a Truth Seeker all my life and I have no intention now in stopping. Hope you are having a really good day today! xo

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    1. It is a fascinating book, Tim. I truthfully couldn’t see me reading this say, last year yet suddenly lately my curiosity is in high gear. There is so much we mere mortals do not know and the fun I am having unearthing what I previously did not know I just love. Thank you on the photos. Did you see the one with the UFO’s in it? SMILE!

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      1. GRINNING! I actually looked the word up. Another follower had used that exact word and yep I forgot it. What you don’t use you loose or something like that. The sun that day was so bright I could not see the UFOs with my eyes. Yet, something told me to take a picture in that exact direction and when I saw what I captured my mouth dropped open. Whoa!!! This would be my second sighting yet the thrill does not get old. Completely in awe believe me!

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  3. Amy, this “wanting to understand” reminds me of myself. It reminded me when I thought about the theory that everything is happening right now. There is no past and no future. Still, this is overwhelming me. But I ran nuts in need to understand it.
    I always imagined the firmament as heaven and sky in one. A physical picture of the universe.
    Let’s get to this part: “That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing.” My first thought was that EVERYTHING is connected. Even the souls are not single and separated individuals. But there is one soul and each incarnation contents one aspect of the whole. Since the complete pool is not incarnated at once the energy is down here as it is “up” there. So what we do here influences the rest of the soul pool. That’s why each experience one makes also feeds the collective mind/soul.
    I don’t know if that helps or even makes sense to you, but this is what instantly came to my mind.
    Hugs to you, dear Amy💖

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    1. Extremely deep thoughts, Erika. As Julie wrote in her comment to me, there are many truths for it is according to the perception of an individual that makes all the difference. I see all of us as fractions of God having an experience and in so doing, yes we are all different for that reason. Imagine how bored God would be if truth was the same across the board. Just the one word firmament is interpreted differently within the context of this post. That is ONE teeny tiny drop in all the oceans that comprise knowledge.

      I really thought about your reflection on “as above as below”. Everything is connected yet HOW that is something we honestly just don’t understand [yet]. When our DNA is fully reconnected and the veil is completely lifted making it possible to connect to Source directly without interference, it is then our understanding and knowledge will return and we will be able to handle it.

      As I said in my first paragraph, I see God as this Great Light of Infinite Wisdom and Knowledge and Power and Creation in totality is representative of God. Since all is connected, that Whole IS God. I could ruminate and speculate and talk about this and other deep subjects for a long time for I find it titilating and fascinating.

      However, all of us deep thinkers have to pull away from the deep to get back to simple and it is usually there when we are not even thinking about the deep burning questions, that we receive answers to build upon. At least that is my experience.

      And yes everything all of us do does affect the Collective and for that very reason alone, seeing that we are involved in a Spiritual War for our souls and minds, it is vitally important to keep our vibrations high and walk and live in LOVE.

      Big hugs right back at you and so much love. LOVE the way your Mind works, Erika. Oh yes we can go NUTS with this kind of thinking for the concepts are just so vast and our brains as they are today are unable to handle that. Yet we keep on trying, don’t we?? xoxoxoxo

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      1. And I love your thoughts and how you through yours out to inspire all of us and make us think. Yes, that is a good point. We all see it differently, from our own perspective matching our state of mind and that is why not everyone understands everything. I even think that understanding is not the right word. Understanding works for the mind but this is far beyond anything the mind can understand. So, it is a knowing. Sometimes we don’t have an explanation for things that feel so true, so right. But that is only because the mind steps in and claims understanding.

        I love your concept of God and I see it the same way. All is one, one is everything. It is like our body in the small. It is one body but there are different organs, limbs, bones, … if once doesn’t work properly, it affects the whole system.

        There is so much more to this all. You opened a ocean of inspiration here, Amy. Really amazing 💖

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      2. I LOVE having conversations like this!! I’m eating this up like a kid eats chocolate. LOL It thrills me knowing I was able to get some to think, for this world desperately is crying for those who dare to think outside the box. I dare. And yes you do too!!

        Having conversations like this are so important for in so doing, we contribute to what others think and then “new” ideas are birthed. It’s a continuous spiral rising higher and higher and higher. Broader views. Bigger knowing. I agree about the knowing for at times (many at that) I KNOW what I know but am unable to explain how I know. We are moving into an era and I believe some of us are there, where the left brain (logic, knowledge) combines with right brain (intuition, knowing, art) and in so doing, we transform into a new form of the human species. We are also learning how to use our Higher Minds and combining them with our hearts. That is when we fully connect I believe with Source. Wow!

        See? All this came to me when I read your words. Exceptional interchange, Erika! And yes there is so much more to this and that is why one day what we thought we knew as truth changes when we “see” more of the puzzle that we are completing. How cool is that? I can feel your excitement and in turn that makes me jump up and down with sheer JOY!!! Thank you so much for being who you are!! I love you, Erika! xo

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      3. I completely agree. These conversations are triggering insights and motivating to think and feel even more out of the box. And there is still so much for to drop for seeing more that before. Amazing, Amy, I love this too. Yes, this is what takes us further and makes us more humble because we know that we don’t know. As you said, it is in bringing right and left brainside in alignment (as well as heart and mind, did you know the heart has brain cells too?).
        Let’s keep up sharing our thoughts and feelings, Amy. Thank you for you being such an lovely and vivid inspiration, dear 💖

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      4. Yes I know the era has arrived that we are to connect our hearts with our Minds and brains. This is so cool! We are learning to combine logic with intuition and knowledge. I’m at a place I have not experienced before and I am so grateful that this has happened. I just LOVE what is happening!!! Erika, I’ve embarked on a new journey and this just excites me until no tomorrow! Sending you so much love!! xo

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      5. It is amazing how each breakthrouhg propels us onto another level that goes along with such strenght and happiness. May these feelings accompany you along your journey, dear Amy. Much love to you, dear friend 💖

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    1. Thank you, Kamal. No we humans know so very little and to gain knowledge is both challenging and powerfully enlightening. Hope you are having a truly wonderful day!! Much love to you! xo


  4. I’m no longer sure there is any ultimate truth. We live in the cocoon of our own perception, which is, as you mentioned, distorted by the cultural conditioning that bombards us from birth. I believe we can seek our own truth and, yes, it takes incredible courage to break away. You are incredible, dear Amy. 💖

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    1. Julie!! You are abSOULutely correct! (I borrowed that from someone …. just love that word how the way it is spelled and emphasized.) It’s not possible to have one ultimate truth for so many reasons as there are people on the planet. How many times as well do we have a perspective on something and then along comes along a contradiction against that perspective which brings on retrospection or we learn something else all to the glory of now owning a new truth?! Yep.

      There are truths that IMO don’t change. For example I walk in Love and live my life from the foundation of Love. Within that reality my definition or experience of Love does change over a span of time and so within that constant a new branch of truth is derived enriching my life even further.

      My main focus of late is seeing the conditioning that has formed me and my “beliefs” and start digging to find nuggets of Gold called truth found in the ancient times of long long ago. Those are the truths I believe that hold the Keys to the Kingdom within, that which when known unlocks the secrets hidden bringing them to the Light. We each have our unique ways of claiming truths that feel appropriate for us and no one has the authority to say anything about it. That is what is so incredible about conversations like this one, for example, where words of others stir me and in turn make my brain again to sizzle forming more words to think upon. It’s so cool!!

      As for being incredible and courageous (I was born a rebel as you!), let me just say this truth to you. It takes one to know one. I being the mirror show you who you are. SMILE I do love you, Julie. BIG HUGS!!!! xoxoxoxo


  5. I have loved reading your thoughts here Amy.. There is so, so, much we have been taught within our reality which we have been told is truth.. Yet if we dare to dive deeper into the various subject matters which educationally we were taught as truth… We can find many variables within that truth… That is not to say all are lies either, for at the same time there is within these teachings still a grain of truth within them..

    Truth is also Perception… What I perceive at a given moment may be truth, yet when we dive deeper and gain more knowledge upon a subject then our original thinking on that truth no longer may hold true.. For now we see more knowledge which in fact has distorted what we originally thought of as truth.. Hope that makes sense.. lol

    As we each grow, there is so much that alters our perception and so our interpretation of the truth also changes.
    I have discovered what I perceive within my reality is not always what another sees within theirs, its all a matter of how we view the world, how we discern and our inner beliefs often are so strong that many may never be able to shift their awareness, because their beliefs are so strongly ingrained within them..

    Its like Erika said… It takes a lot of getting our heads around many things… But I like Erika believe, and this is my perspective also.. We are One and Many at the same time… Each a fractal of consciousness upon our own individual and yet collective journey of discovering just who we are through our experiences..

    I saw within one of your photos Amy the one with the sun to the left dated the 11 19 22…. Lots of star-like objects to the right of the Sun… These reminded me of the star system the Pleiades, though their formation not quite correct, but they reminded me of them.. So my thoughts flew to the star-beings… Star-seeds etc… A truth I believe in.. Yet many do not…
    The Sun is showing us many anomalies Amy in rainbows and halos.. and even Scientists are beginning to speak of the unusual activity of Solar flares which have increased dramatically..

    And once upon a time no one would have known about these things.. Knowledge as they say is power.. Which is why lots of hidden knowledge connected to the past is kept hidden..

    A wonderful post to make us think as we ponder just what is the firmament ..

    Sorry for the book…. lol….. Much love dearest Amy… ❤

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    1. Dearest Sue, your added thoughts were so delicious to read and digest. Every word brought a nod to my head as I continued reading. Truth is a very slippery fellow for in that truth change is a given as we grow. And then as we challenge our old belief systems we find slivers of new truths that we are determined to incorporate into our lives, that which replaces the old beliefs. And, you pointed out yes perception is the foundation of what we do believe or know. I believe that with every variation of truth, those pieces come together perfectly to define that specific truth in all of its aspects and facets and depths. As we expand our consciousness so does Source for we reflect off of one another, sharing, adding, deleting, repairing, polishing …. and more.

      Time is moving so quickly these days that it seems what I thought to be true only yesterday necessarily doesn’t hold true today. It’s a constant flux of motion, fluid in nature IF we are flexible and open. To be wiling to know more, to seek more, in order to arrive at what our very existence means, is perhaps the greatest journey any of us can undertake.

      Thank you so much for adding your valuable thoughts to this post. Truthfully we both could go on for days discussing these aspects of JUST two little truths handed down from the ancients. That is only two little drops in all the oceans combined and then some. The more we know, the more we realize we don’t know. That, right there keeps the Seeker humble.

      Sending you so much love!!! I appreciate both your view on things and your friendship. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (((HUGS)))!! xo

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      1. I agree Amy Time is moving at what seems a much greater speed as our perception perhaps speeds up as we are within these energetic shifts.
        I love what you said here Amy..

        “IF we are flexible and open. To be wiling to know more, to seek more, in order to arrive at what our very existence means, is perhaps the greatest journey any of us can undertake.”

        Excellently stated Amy…. If only more would open up to exploration, of their own hearts and of the collective within our Earth Plane… They would perhaps be surprised at the gems they would find in seeing the world from a whole different perspective, for the world is nothing like any of us have been taught it to be…

        Many thanks Amy…. I enjoyed reading too all the comments here, and its wonderful to see so many opening their minds and hearts to Truth.. ❤
        Much love my friend ❤

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    1. Thank you, Avigail! I’m really touched this post spoke to you. Good for you for being on your own truth journey …. way to go!! That means to me that you are willing to stop listening to the narratives to get to the truth or at least as close as you can get to truth. I’m fascinated by the information that has come to my attention which in turn has me reading and reading and listening to podcasts, seeking seeking seeking.

      Many years ago Spirit told me not to listen to man but only listen to my Inner Guidance, which is God Within. I’ve done that. And now it seems I’m again on a Path that encompasses incorporating New Truths in my consciousness. And for you to tell me you can “feel” my essence, brings a big lump to my throat. Bless you for telling me. xoxo

      Sending so much love to you!! xo

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      1. Spirit told me the same. 😊So off I went diving deeper and deeper into the real meaning behind the things I had been taught. Some of the narratives just didn’t sit right with my soul and could no longer be part of my story. Sending oodles of love and all things good your way, kindred spirit. 💞

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  6. We are in a separated place down here, a conditional place with time that allows us to experience so many things that are so opposite to ‘above’. Then I ‘touched’ unconditional love and it had no time, it was an ever inclusiveness, you were able to instantly know something. All these opposites down here as well as up there, and between the two, so we can experience one to understand the other.
    But I know the writing you spoke of, ‘as above so below’. The only similarities appear to be those opposites so we can feel and understand those contrasts, that rule of thumb that teaches in experiencing them. So I ‘feel’ that there are so many more levels, dimensions so to speak, that allow those many more experiences with their many opposites to enlighten us further, ever changing from what went before into what that awakening creates.
    Spirit has only said one thing to me with regard to this area. Spirit said that as ‘spirit’ we (meaning us up there), know everything…but do not ‘know’ it. Meaning that they had all the facts but need to experience things to truly understand and appreciate. Like I can explain how to drive a space shuttle, but not have a clue until I get on board and actually experience driving one. The same with spirit, all the facts are on hand but that ‘truth’ of something can only be found in those experiences. And lots of them because experiences vary because of so many variances for just one thing, let alone so many other inputs ie. weather, I’ve got a cold, my glasses are foggy…and on and on it goes for this conditional place down here.
    And for that matter, how far can we go in forever. Maybe that’s why our brain cells are restricted as they are so we can just focus on our present ‘level’. There is one thing that I do know and this is in regard to your frustration of being blocked, I get that every day when I go to speak to someone about their journey…and Spirit will block me, it’s like the words that are in my memory suddenly slip away and you just stop, a feeling of this not being the right direction at this time because I get a time factor in it as well. And I ‘know’ this as I have experienced it many, many times.
    I think God knows what we are ready for and adjusts our antenna accordingly. And that is important because if someone ‘knew’ all about this life down here and told us, we wouldn’t understand it fully and when those experiences come along they would have lost their impact on that understanding.
    It’s like being told what your Christmas present is before Christmas, so that when you did finally unwrap it on the day, it would have lost its excitement and what it meant to be given something by someone simply because they cared.
    Oh wait, of course, there is one other very distinct common denominator with up there and down here…love, and lot’s of it…oh, and to discover how many more chocolate’s there are. Please, please Lord, let there be chocolate ‘up there’ 🤣❤️🙏🏽

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    1. Mark, you are very important and please don’t say to me “Oh it is just my perspective …” Oh no you don’t! You love talking about Unconditional Love. So let’s talk about it.

      Unconditional Love is a state of being and our goal in my humble opinion is to learn how to stay in that state of being. How? That answer depends on the individual. For me it is seeking ancient Keys to the Kingdom found within and how Spirit leads me to places to teach me what love is and what love is not. The NOW Moment is LOVE Incarnate. I don’t think there are opposites “up there” and I have proof on that take. In 1984 I had a NDE and when I did I ONLY knew LOVE as my reality the moment I left my body. The opposites “down here” are there for a purpose ….. all to work together with the Light in order to lead us to Unconditional Love. The shadow has Great Purpose in so many differing ways I’d gander to say those ways are infinite. God is infinite. So is existence. So is All There Is and it is continually expanding along with God and along with us. It’s mind boggling.

      I really loved what you said ….

      “I ‘feel’ that there are so many more levels, dimensions so to speak, that allow those many more experiences with their many opposites to enlighten us further, ever changing from what went before into what that awakening creates.” I agree! Those opposites are there to create the pearl, the shine on the mirror, to bring our own Light within our DNA and our billions of cells. Those opposites irritate, hurt, and are extremely uncomfortable all so that we are pushed out of our cushy little comfort zones to find new within ourselves and around us. Then the Life Lessons come along to find tune us to fit in the mold of what we call Unconditional Love, our Natural State of Being. Life is so huge and so vast and so complex that you and I could just talk about that for years and still talk. For real!

      Time is moving so quickly these days that my truths of yesterday differ today. I continually build upon with experience my truths that “feel” right for me, so that the facets of those truths become wider, deeper, higher, encompassing more and more and more LOVE. Just abSOULutely incredible!!!

      I know God adjusts our antenna when Spirit knows we are ready to be plunged once again into the abyss or thrown up high in the air like jacks in order for us to grow more. For this reason alone, we are unable to bring any kind of judgment to anyone’s journey for we do not know what they are learning or why they incarnated in the first place. Their agreement to grow at a certain pace is not ours. To accept what others are doing, is not easy, and hence when you feel the “block” it is for very good reason. I have arrived at a place I don’t offer my advice or point of view unless I am asked for it, or my Inner Guidance gives me the green light. When I feel the discord that is a definite sign nope, not going to even attempt to talk about certain matters. I don’t like my head banged on a brick wall.

      ACTIONS speak a lot louder then words do in my experience. In putting into action what we learn we not only understand the fundamentals of what we are learning but it becomes a new way for us to live. One step at a time we climb upward in this ascension process. And no we are not told anything about that Christmas present ahead of time because it would totally knock us off our pace and it would steal the accomplishment away when we are ready for that Christmas present.

      And oh as for the chocolate …. being out of body and suspended in LOVE is combining all the chocolate in the world in order to melt in that. Sorry, no chocolate but believe me on this, you won’t miss it. You will not want to come back into body even for all the chocolate in the world.

      Now we are even in that I wrote a book in return to you. Something magnificent has been turned on in me and what I am learning and seeing, and saying and writing, is something I did not see coming. It’s a huge transformation! Mark, when I wrote this post I thought so hard and concentrated to the extent for 6 hours that I actually held ice on my left hemisphere. My head hurt! Or should I say my brain did! My brain has been fired up and the JOY I feel is tremendous. I love the way my brain works and I love the way I seek the truth. I AM so grateful to my Team and to Mother and God for guiding me in order that I arrive at this Golden Door.

      Sending you so much love!!! xoxoxoxo

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      1. Ah dear Amy, thank you for such words, you’ve made me blush. And your reply…Whoohoo! Beautifully said my friend, and here I was thinking you were just Spirits photographer. This is going ‘there’ dear lady 🤣
        Ok, I better explain my ‘opposites’ properly because how I did say it did leave it ‘unsupported’ in what I meant 😀
        The opposites I said of ‘up there’ is that when we speak of up there we think and feel it is unconditional love in its perfection…and it is, I’ve touched it and it was the most incredibly beautiful place. A complete state of that love and if you wanted to know anything it was there in an instant, you could be somewhere with a thought. But, and as Spirit said to me, they know everything…but did not ‘know’ it, as in the experiences of tripping and stumbling down here so that they could understand unconditional love.
        For something that is so perfect as unconditional love, they are lacking those experiences so ‘to me’ that makes it an opposite up there, perfection but no experience. It’s like down here not appreciating happiness unless we experience sadness to. And that ‘appears’ to be the same up there. And they are those opposites where up there they ‘can’t’ experience anything unless they come down here. And we can’t stand in unconditional until we are back up there. And I say that in the term of to just breathe is a condition on us, so to be in a fully unconditional state isn’t possible while we are here, until we are back in Spirit.
        Now having said that, we are in Spirit form when we allow the body to sleep and ‘let go’. And sometimes when I do healing I ‘let go’ to heal and stand in that Spirit within to give from that place. Which means we can do both above or below. But I still come back to us having to come down here to understand those experiences.
        Now having said that, (and this is where maybe everything has a truth until you reach another experience and that truth within us changes, making everything a truth until ‘we’ go beyond it, which makes everything in relation to us a truth), maybe we are ‘created’ and in that clean state we start our journey as Spirit and begin our journey to understand unconditional love, hence Spirits comment of they know everything, as in they are ‘connected’ to the One which is ever changing in all those many experiences from everyone else’s Spirit in their journeys, but there are infinitesimal more possible experiences to still experience in this universe. So what is an opposite, it all seemingly is merging one into another, one step to reach another, all interacted to become something else. Maybe ‘opposites’ are just an earthly thing simply because we are viewing everything from those restrictions that we have on us down here?
        Oh Amy, I think I have a headache…a block coming on…and speaking of blocks, an urge for chocolate too 😂🤣 But I thank you for your lovely reply dear lady…and must give an apology, I never said a thing about your photographs in my first reply. The Ufo’s, which I might add are probably just another level of something we haven’t reached yet, and the lovely blue sky and cloud formations that oh so feel like angels in the sky. They are lovely, thank you for sharing ❤️🙏🏽

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Oh, Mark!!! So now you know I’m just not a spiritual photographer …. oh yes my little o’brain can go places and then some!! I have knowledge within me that most shy away from. I’m letting it all hang out lately and it feels wonderful!!

        As for your explanation, it is PERFECT. So true that without the experience you do NOT know what anything is. So yes “up there” they know all yet what they lack is knowing the experience which is discovered here. Our Higher Minds are actually Perfect for they are connected to Source directly. What we are gaining through this tumble and bumble journey is that we gain understanding of what we already know by experiencing it. WOW!! No wonder God got bored and decided to split off in infinite experiences so that She as well as All Creation can experience Unconditional Love through form. How cool. I could sit with you for hours and a few others and just put on the table our thoughts, our views, our theories, and so much more and believe you me we would be so elevated I do think our heads would be bumping on the ceiling. Perhaps we would rise so high in frequency we would pop out of our bodies to experience the Universe. Together at that!

        I dream of having the ability to gather in groups with people who dare to think deeply and widely and expansively by putting the box to rest (RIP) and explore the possibilities of what IS. This IS the era where our consciousness expands by seeking and from what I have witnessed on this post, many are doing just that! How amazing that out of hell on earth something so precious and Golden is being birthed as we journey back to where we originally are from by remembering Who We Are. Oh this is glorious to behold this actively happening!

        Can you imagine a portal by which those of us who wish to gather together out of this timeline called earth, get together to brainstorm and talk and share like we are doing here? Call it the Galactic Round Table if you will! I dream of going off into a portal with my cameras to other worlds or parts of this earth we do not know about. I dare to dream and I dare to talk about those dreams even if it sounds like I had one too many or literally am nuts. I don’t care. I know nothing is impossible. Nothing. I’ve been viewing people I videos who are revealing what they know about our Galactic families and how, (now this really got my attention!) with their consciousness they and their ship together fly as ONE in order to get to a destination. So the ships have consciousness too! I’m not talking woo woo cuz you know I did capture that picture of UFOs and that is not the first sighting I’ve had. That in itself gets my curiosity so intensified I just gotta know!

        Anyways ….. your words were riveting. You are so wise with such great experience under your belt in order to know what you do. Oh, dear friend, what a privilege it is to have a conversation like this. I’m stunned by what is happening to me lately. I know I’m being divinely guided .. it’s as if I’ve plugged into something way beyond our understanding [yet].

        I’m going to be reading your words again. There is just so much packed into it. I love the way you think and I love how open you are. You should not be getting any blocks with me for I am totally open. And then some! Ask hubby. He’s not too keen some days on what you see is what you get with me lately as he looks at me with a puzzled expression. Yep, I’m plugged in!! LOL

        You have a truly magical day. Make sure you look up at the sky. You never know what you will see. SMILE!!! Sending much much love your way!! xo

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh Amy, as soon as you said ‘The Galactic Round Table’ I started laughing so hard…THAT is brilliant and I will put my hand up to vote for its name. It sums up what all our shared hearts should do in our destination. Spot on dear lady 😀❤️🙏🏽
        And I think those many experiences of ufo’s and many other things is getting us ready for what is to come. We don’t have horses, armor and lances anymore, our technology has advanced into our inner Spirit and all connected to soul. Maybe we are getting ready to ‘step’ beyond what is down here to sit at your table young lady. Maybe we’ve experienced enough to begin to ‘touch’ what is to come. When I was shown unconditional love I let go of ‘down here’ and Spirit had to stop me. It was so natural to just fall into what I am ❤️
        Anyway, I thank you for such a beautiful share Amy, you have triggered many deep responses. I think it is coming to the surface as our hearts are ready. A big hug with much love coming to you my friend. xoxoxo 😀❤️🙏🏽

        Liked by 1 person

      4. ‘The Galactic Round Table’ I started laughing so hard…THAT is brilliant and I will put my hand up to vote for its name. It sums up what all our shared hearts should do in our destination. Spot on dear lady.

        And YOU in return made me laugh, Mark. Some day soon …. some day soon ….

        AGREED!!! Those of us who are open and flexible, agreeable to look outside of the box, are being prepared for such a Grand New World that never has been seen on this earth. That alone excites me beyond words. Yes our technology has advanced and my “knowing” says that our combined consciousness with technology will achieve things thought previously impossible. I “see” great healing taking place with this technology in ways I “see” as well but very difficult to put into words. Medicine as it is based today is no longer a healing art ….. that too is about to change.

        No need to respond. I “see” this post as a match to very dry timber and now a bonfire has been lit. Once lit, there is no going back. BIG HUGS TO YOU!!! I so appreciate you and what you bring to the Galactic Round Table. And oh …. wait until we can invite our Galactic family to join us. GRIN!!! 🌈🌟💙

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      1. It is such a profound thing is experience, we can study and talk until we are blue in the face Barbara but it only builds the framework. But we will learn many things from it, but its actuality is so much more profound in those experiences, to touch and feel something brings it to all points within us. Like love, it will never be understood until we experience it, and it is indeed that aim of us all. That ever search within us for that love and happiness in our lives…and on into something wonderful. Thank you for the share kind lady, your experiences, those scars of the heart, are those many ‘touches’ that create your empathy, love and compassion as nothing else can. Big hugs my friend and lots of love too 😀❤️🙏🏽

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  7. What is reality and what is truth? I love your post Amy for it draws on all the fundamentals of our beliefs and perceptions, even though there are no real answers. And reading through the comments you’ve clearly sparked some profound conversations, which I think is fantastic.

    I’ve just begun reading a book called The Enchanted Life, Reclaiming the Wisdom and Magic of the Natural World by Sharon Blackie and it’s amazing. I couldn’t help thinking of you and your photography and love of Mother Earth as I read part of the intro:

    “Above all, to live an enchanted life is to fall in love with the world all over again.’ The enchanted life has nothing to do with escapism or magical thinking: it is founded on a vivid sense of belonging to a rich and many-layered world. It is creative, intuitive, imaginative. It thrives on work that has heart and meaning.… .” I think you live an Enchanted Life, even amongst all the grappling and searching for truths. As I do too. Sending you much love my friend. ❤️🙏 xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, Miriam. On those comments …. people are really discussing in “book form” on this post, and I in response am doing the same thing. We are sparking, setting off if you will, more thoughts and it truly is amazing!! This is what I foresaw coming …. this coming together of individuals who dare to expand their consciousness by diving in deep and putting the box to rest (RIP)!

      Yes yes yes ….. our innate wisdom and knowledge rests in Mother and in the ancients. The Keys we have to discover by diving deeply, really thinking, pushing aside everything and I mean everything we have ever been taught, in order to spring to Life that which is in us to form New Life. I LOVE these discussions, I LOVE the Keys that I am finding, I LOVE the way people are opening up to seek in their own individual ways.

      Thank you for the recommendation of that book. I’m getting it. I’m so thirsty right now as I seek the foundation of our existence. Who are we? Where are we? Who is “God”? Why did we elect to be here at this time? I’ve always thought outside of the box yet this is an explosion of seeking in order to form New and True. However, what holds to be true one day is not necessarily true the next, for in very Truth are layers and extensions and so much more. What an exciting time we live in!

      I do live an Enchanted Life I know!! Just last evening I felt so uplifted all because the feral barn cat next door has fully and I mean fully allowed me in. Something as “small” as that in some eyes means the utmost to me. I felt such elation and questioning ….. WHAT is happening here? The flow of Love and Higher Frequencies is becoming more and more apparent. I’m in continual awe and gratitude and abSOULute JOY that I AM walking into a World only dreamed of.

      Sending you so much love as your adventures unfold in your life, Miriam! xoxoxox


  8. Very beautiful pictures of the skies. I am also wondering about what is the real “truth” too. I am also into science such quantum mechanics. Those thinkers now are also thinking our reality because we are present to observe it ???. What is “Truth” ?

    Please have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, YellowCable!!! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. Welcome!

      Thank you for your compliment on my pictures. And I say to you ….. GOOD FOR YOU for wondering what the real truth is? It takes a lot of courage to detach from what the world or man is telling us to seek something that makes sense. I am very impressed you are into science such as quantum mechanics for quantum physics is the way of the future!! Wow!

      As we all start seeking truth, truth we find out is a slippery fellow. We get one sense of truth and that changes, and then we arrive at another sliver of the same truth only to discover there are more facets of that truth. And it goes on. Yet there is this powerful movement within me to discover the truth outside of the lies and deceptions we’ve been taught. How exciting you too are doing so! I could just shout for JOY for what you are doing!!

      I LOVE how you are seeking what IS our reality? So am I!!

      You have a great weekend too!!! Much love to you this day!! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Brad, firstly thank you on my photography. I so appreciate your words of praise. Secondly, there is a very simple solution to your problem …. stop listening to the news and begin to dive deeply within yourself to seek truth. When you do that, I promise you, your life will be forever changed. It’s a process yet I see you have reached the first step in that you KNOW that the news is lying. But and this I know from experience, you keep going back to it with a hope in your heart that someday that source will change. It doesn’t. There is step two. Do you think it is easy to step away from something we have done for a long time? NO! Just hearing the news when hubby flicks it on is enough for me to shudder because just the tone of their voices is meant to bring you down in vibration. It’s awful! I haven’t watched the news in years and believe me, I have no inkling to start now.

      Could the news be one reason why your life is “without sparkle?” Why don’t you think on that? It’s heartbreaking to realize how betrayed all of us have been by so many in this world. I wish you all the very best!! Sending you so much love today!!! xo

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  9. AmyRose 🌹 Your photos are just Divine, a true calling card for your blossoming🌈💃 🎶 what is truth indeed, except another slice of experience. Another perspective neither right nor wrong! It just is! Truth changing in every moment, as we ride the eb and flow of our magnificent life❤️ Firmament is another word full of meanings, depending from what perspective, heavy on taboe too! I fell down a rabbit hole with this word and came across flat earth which didn’t feel right or true for me! For me firmament is the invisible divide between heaven and earth that our life is all about discovering! Realising there is indeed no separation and we can create heaven on earth. In fact this is what we are now actually doing, creating NewEarth. I see us all sitting around on our beautiful round table of loving wisdom enjoying each other’s fun company with cappuccino and chocolates💃🕺🌈🎶❤️ Thankyou amy for your magnificent post🙏 much love x

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Take my word for it …. some of those rabbit holes contain information you do not want to know. I fell into many looking for truth in 2020 and what I found seared my soul for the horrors I discovered. My advice … listen very carefully to your Guidance as to where you go. Sue and I just had this conversation last evening. We both have had enough of rabbits holes for many will take your high vibe and crash it. I’m not saying these words in jest. There is a lot of evil that has been buried in rabbit holes (Barbara is talking about something else) and when you SEE you cannot unsee.

        So here I am, to change the subject, ready to start another day, and find myself buried under another avalanche of comments. At this rate I’ll be answering them until the cows come home. LOL Fantastic that so many are THINKING outside of the box and seeking truth. Cool beans!!! Love you, Mark!! xo

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Mark, allow me to clarify further on rabbit holes. Example …. while reading an article something is stated that alarms you, upsets you, something you honestly cannot believe. So you decide to do further research and in that research you find out things that are devastating and horrific. I’m not saying ALL rabbit holes are like this. Yet rabbit holes usually refer to websites or videos that give information you did not know and at times you balk at. Barbara found a rabbit hole that states earth is flat. To her that was too much, too fantastical, did not feel right due to what we are taught, yet to me, it’s a possibility for within my searches I’ve learned basically that everything we have been taught has been manipulated and twisted. But as Sue said in one of our conversations, sometimes there is a grain of truth within the lie and that is the piece of the puzzle you dive with, looking for answers. Now …… I have to dive into cat care clinic! I’m late for a very important date!!! 😘

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    1. Barbara, a huge thank you on my photography! I am deeply humbled and so very touched by your words. I LOVE what you say about truth and I in all honesty could not agree more with you. And there you go about firmament …. endless meanings and with each meaning a unique truth. Your version of what firmament I really resonate with and so with that said I will ponder upon your meaning.

      Oh yes we are co-creators with Source and we have every ability to create heaven on earth. I do so to the best of my ability. For so long I had been waiting for a “savior” to help this country and this world, but then I came to the world changing realization I change than the world changes. It is what I’ve been saying for years yet without the full understanding tagged along with it …. in order for change to be known, we first must change ourselves. Change must start with US! And so it is!

      I “see” this beautiful round table as well, Barbara. How glorious to share as we sip our cappuccinos and savor heavenly chocolates. Our words would blend and create and elevate. Oh yes they would!!

      Thank you for the link to your post. It is very appreciated by me. Movement forward is both being felt and seen now which is sweet sweet music to my soul. For too long the energy was so thick, so heavy but lately, it is lighter than air!!! I feel so “high” sometimes I truly wonder where I am. No lie! Thank YOU for commenting on my magnificent post, you magnificent soul that shines so bright. I do love you, Barbara! You’ve been through so much yet I see now the light that is brilliantly bright!! xoxoxoxo

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  10. Spectacular, Amy. You have captured that feeling…when you know something even though you are not quite sure that you know it…but you hear something that stokes a feeling deep in your soul and there is no doubt it is truth!!!
    Your photos are stunning…your heart amazingly open…and your soul in search of the truth!!! The trifecta of AMAZING!! Hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving…many Sweet Blessings, friend! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lorrie, a little more patience please. My life has had me running in circles. And then my heart points out whose comment to answer and they are not in the order written. I will get to yours next. Promise. God bless you for your understanding. Love you!! xo


    2. Thank you, Lorrie! I am abSOULutely stunned by your words of praise. Bless you! This journey of mine as been long and arduous at times yet what I am experiencing now is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I live in a magical world!

      And from the sounds of it you get what I’m saying that even when you don’t know how you know, you do and that is what motivates you to find proof. There is SO much we don’t know ….. and the irony of this search is that we realize the more we know the less we actually know. I haven’t felt this need to expand my consciousness like this is years but this time around it is deeper and wider and more encompassing. We Seekers are remembering we are multi-dimensional beings. To incorporate that knowledge within excites me like no tomorrow.

      With HOPE I say next that others will read as well …. it seems I was led to the book on the Emerald Tablets just to study the 14 sayings on the One Tablet. Why? When I arrived at Chapter 4, what I began to read my spirit said uh uh, this is not for me. So I put the book down only to pick it up to study those teachings on the Emerald Tablet. That’s how it goes with me sometimes ….

      I’ve always been a Seeker of Truth, always since a child thinking outside of the box. Today however, the diving is ever so deep and what I am learning takes the top of my head off at times. What I am SEEING is doing the same! The mysteries that are all around us and IN us I seek in order to find my way back HOME. It’s thrilling to seek and to see mysteries in front of my eyes.

      Yes I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you did as well. Thank you so much for commenting and bless you for being so patient. No one is more important than anyone, yet sometimes my heart guides me to answer comments in a certain way and stick to the ongoing conversation. It’s amazing what happens! The comments on this post contain SO much knowledge and wisdom. People are busting out of the box!!! Now how very cool is that?

      Much love your way!!!! xoxoxoxo


      1. Where to begin…? I suppose somewhere in the middle! 😉 I’ve just been transported in time and love by reading all the comments here on this post. There is an opening…I can feel it…see it…sense it. It is not something easily articulated with words, it is more a “knowing”…a truth…a coming home!

        To be able to read these comments and get “it”…whatever “it” is, is a feeling of sheer delight! I alluded to this in my first comment…that feeling of knowing something…literally in my heart chakra…but not being able to put it in words. When you and Mark were discussing this…how we use opposites to understand…and yet that is of this earth…a way to possibly begin to touch the truth that lives in the soul.

        I don’t think it is words. Words are earthly, and necessary to navigate our time here. But what I am feeling (and hopefully articulating at least a little) is that we are remembering our truth…and not only are there no words for that…NO WORDS ARE NECESSARY!!!!!

        At least that is what this post and all of the discussions around it have made me feel! And if there ever comes a time when the “Roundtable” should decide to meet in person…I’M IN!!!

        Hope I made some sense, dear Amy. Sending so much love and light 😊💜🙏

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      2. You’ve put me in tears. AbSOULute magic occurred here on this post and because of this, my heart has been opened to such a degree that has me praying just praying for mercy upon our people upon this earth. There are no words for what I am describing and as I write this I am in tears. The egg is cracking so to speak and so many are now coming out of the fog, shaking their heads and wanting to know the truth. They are realizing how betrayed and lied to we have been and still are and so the search begins. All the ENERGY created on this post is blasting the Universe for it is so so powerful!! I am stunned by what transpired. When I listen to my heart I do not know why nor do I know the end results. This however, goes beyond anything I’ve yet experienced. Truly Divine in Nature as we all have begun “remembering” who we are.

        God bless you for your light, for your truth, for SEEING what is here within this post. I’ve been praying over every word so that the enemy cannot sabotage the undeniable power that is found here.

        Sending you so much love, Lorrie. Keep on shining, keep on standing strong, and when we break through which I feel strongly we are about to soon, the intensity of what we have endured will have been all worth it. BIG (((HUGS)))!!! xoxoxo

        Liked by 1 person

      3. And now I am moved to tears, Amy!! It has been a fascinating journey that has transpired here on the beautiful post of yours. So many people seem to be feeling this very strong energy. I do not always understand what I feel…but I always FEEL! That is my super power, I suppose. I wish I could do better articulating, but it has been so amazing to read all these comments because even though everyone may state it just a bit differently, I think we all are experiencing a very similar thing. And that’s no mistake. That is exactly what you have written…that we are “remembering” who we are.

        You know Amy…I grew up in a family that did not talk about God…that did not have any religion…and yet from as long as I can remember…I knew God! How is that possible…to know something that you had no earthly experience with…and yet to be SO SURE! I have never forgotten…and I must say that of late I am so open…and so willing. And that state is one that shows you so much more beauty!

        Thank you for your beautiful soul…for having no fear in showing her to us…and for always searching for truth!! I am Blessitude! 💜

        Liked by 1 person

      4. God is our Natural State of Being, Lorrie. I knew as a child the man called Jesus who I know as Yeshua and by another name as well. I didn’t know this from church for I was too young. Knowing and meeting this man I now understand as to why. All of us in our own way are returning to who we really are. It’s humbling, it’s agonizing, it’s thrilling, and the closer we get to Source the more powerful we feel. This journey has been the most incredible bar none of any other aspect of my life.

        You are so welcome for this post and the responses make for a Holy Book, if you ask me! I was stunned, just stunned by the outpouring of words for my experience from the past years when I attempted to post “deep wisdom” the majority would not even acknowledge what I wrote but only focus on my pictures. There has been a BOOM of opening hearts and minds, and when my heart told me to write what I did, I hesitated not. Still today I’m wow’ed over!!!

        Sending you so much love. I’m working on my next post that has been put on my heart. I’ll talk soon, Lorrie. (((HUGS))) xoxo


  11. A wonderful post Amy, I so enjoyed reading all the comments. Seeing so many people are in search of the truth is evidence of our Fathers vision for mankind. That He alone has written onto our hearts how to return to Him by way of believing what we cannot see. By searching for what our hearts are telling us, things we know to be true but may haps have been afraid of because it is larger than life itself. Freedom exist in our hearts not our minds, He created, everything under the Son, belongs to Him. We will return to Him when the time is right, mind and spirit. A true journey that we each must take on our walk through time. I enjoyed reading Marks thoughts as well. We can learn so much from others who have a gift of presence. 🙂 Another great writer/blogger I do recommend is RJ, https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/22958678. 🙂 have a wonderful day Amy.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Sandra! It warms my heart greatly not only to see you here to contribute your thoughts, but all others here as well, expressing how they are seeking truth in their own unique ways. Jn.7:38 explains what my journey is all about, as I seek those living waters. This ONE passage contains mysteries within mysteries which I’ve come to know as each of us are given one “teaching” at a time whereupon we incorporate that teaching into our lives. And then we observe. What happens? Why observe? It is when we change ourselves we see change around us. That is how the world is saved from evil.

      Step by step our truth changes as we add onto our truth or change that truth to another truth, as those who seek approach nearer and nearer to where humankind are heading. We are remembering how to be multi-dimensional beings(our Natural State) in ways that are amazing, and at times leave me in such a state of euphoria that I question just where am I? Freedom does exist in our hearts, yes, yet we alone are responsible to gain that access through seeking the Keys of the Kingdom in order to unlock the doors that have been previously slammed shut within our hearts.

      I believe we are co-creators with Source, with God, and it is just not God who does the work but it is us as well. Where we are heading is truly a New World and in the glimpses I am witnessing, I am humbled and grateful and at the same time so excited knowing that we are living in historical times. I’ll give you an example of how we are changing …. A young woman who I adore and respect claims every time I come to the gym when she is there, she can smell me before she sees me. I asked her one time if she could describe the smell and she could not. Could she be smelling my energy, or my happy heart, or my frequency? I wear no fragrance of any kind. I don’t have an answer to those questions but this is just one example of how some of us are beginning to plug into this Incredible Energy that I define as God as we climb higher and higher coming back HOME.

      Each of us as I’m learning more and more, is on his or her unique journey, and that is why we know we have no authority to judge or to claim one person is “right or wrong”. Acceptance of everyone and where they are at on their journey is part of this ascension process as well. ALL eventually works out for GOOD.

      I’ve always thought outside of the box which tends to alarm or scare some people due to they rely on what we have been taught. To see so many now questioning what they have been taught brings great JOY to my spirit. Yes Mark is an amazing man who has gone through many hells in order to arrive where he stands today. Many others have as well, including myself. We all must address the shadow within in order to walk into the Light of God.

      How lovely your words sparked more words from me. These conversations contained within this post I consider to be sacred and holy. It is a pure fragrance to our God and which brings light to the world at hand. Rising above the 3D circumstances to stand in Glory in the Higher Frequencies is what this Journey is all about. You have no idea how Grateful I am that Spirit taught me the way I have been taught. Eternal Gratitude I hold within my heart. May all those who still fear of looking within, begin to do so, for there they will find living waters of the Kingdom of Heaven.

      Sending you so much love and again I thank you for leaving a comment and the link. I am deeply grateful for your presence here today, Sandra. God bless you! xo

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Mark, so nice to meet you. I actually had to put Billy Carson’s book down for when I arrived at Chapter 4, the information was just too much for me. When I dive deep, I can only do so for a certain amount of time and then I must pull back into simple. In fact, I am working on my next post just on that subject and when it is critical, especially now at this time, we must return to balance into simple. The intensity of new learning is a powerhouse which our brains and beings can only take so much of. The depths to which I poured myself into this post and then answering in the way I did with all who commented, let’s just suffice to say, my Guidance spoke volumes …. get back into simple.

      That being said, a huge thank you for your kudos and I will come by to visit you tomorrow. I’m closing up for the night now. Many blessings your way!! xoxox


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