Beauteous Bounty Yet Still Abounds

49 thoughts on “Beauteous Bounty Yet Still Abounds”

  1. Ah Amy, as usual these are magic. And especially the sunlight through the tree, it really said hello. And that huge yellow flower…is that a rose? (third last image). She is absolutely beautiful. You have done well my friend, and never hesitate to go for a wander, I’ll cheer you on from here 🤣❤️🙏🏽

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    1. Well, thank you, kind heart. My life it seems has been one challenge after the other and that evening made me realize if I didn’t take time out for ME my passion will lay idle. No that third flower from the bottom is not a rose and don’t ask me what it is cuz I forgot the name of it. I planted all new flowers this past Spring which I am still getting acquainted with. All flowers from that particular garden are for the birds, bees and butterflies. In fact, all my flowers are.

      Thank you for the encouragement. I’ll keep it in mind to go out wandering more. When I stepped outside with that camera in hand, I felt a huge sigh of relief from my soul. Oh yes this is where I belong!!

      Much love your way, Mark. xoxoxox

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    1. Erika, darn it, I’m having trouble posting my comment on your poem, your beautiful poem!! Here I shall leave my response. This is not the first time I’m struggling leaving my comments.

      Wow, Erika, your talent is outstanding and the truth in every single word the world SO needs to hear. We are the Light. We are the Sovereign Beings here to create LOVE and Beauty. We are here to save the world from the dark evil that has invaded our world. Thank you so much for sharing this exquisite poem with us. I LOVE IT!!! xoxoxox

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      1. I am so sorry this bug still occurs. Does it only happen on my posts or on others too?

        You found wonderful additional words here, Amy. Really wonderful. Yes, our lights need to break the dark wall of separation, limitation, hatred, fear, egoism, and recklessness. And this can only happen when we share the love we all hold inside – for the joy for ourselves. Because then we are what we want to find in this world – it is the only way. Thank you for being an example by sharing your passion for nature and your ability to catch it with your camera 💖

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      2. Erika, I think one other site does this. I have no idea why.

        What you have described has been my inner journey for years, years in which at times I’d rather be dead than face what darkness that I held within. That journey is probably the most difficult I’ve been on and in fact, at times still dip back into. Yet, to experience life from a higher perspective and to flow effortlessly, this is the only way to get here. All of us must face and defeat each and every dark piece of energy that we inherited or we ourselves created. What is coming through with my photography is the status of my heart and soul. At times I look and tears sting my eyes. I’ve paid a very high price for where I am today and with that being said, what I experience from here on forward will not ever be taken for granted. I AM so grateful for what I have today!!! 💙

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      3. That is the big reward: You completely SEE the blessing and the gift. You not only consider it being there, are completely aware of the presence. I think this deep insight can only be gained by climbing a steep hill. I am glad you made it to this point for your own amazing development and for being such an inspiration for us. Thank you 💖

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  2. Wow, Amy! I agree with Mark, your photos are pure magic, like you’ve captured a slice of heaven on Earth. The exquisite flowers, the skies, the light shining through, is like a portal to another dimension. Thank you for this beautiful post, the lovely heartfelt dedication and your obvious skill in photography. By the way I noticed all the photos were taken on the 25th, an auspicious day lol. Keep capturing the magic my talented friend, much love from me. xx 💗

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    1. THANK YOU, Miriam!! I really did walk into Magic! I’m curious as to what the 25th represents. All I know is that the flower pics I shot on the 24th did not come up to my standards but ALL on the 25th that I took blew me out of the waters! I FELT the Magic! I will keep on capturing the sweet glorious Gifts Mother has to offer me. I just LOVE what I do!! Much love to you, dearest friend in Aussie Land! Keep on shining!! xoxoxo

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      1. The 25th is my birthday that’s all! 😜 Yes, keep capturing all those glorious gifts my dear friend, when we love what we do that’s when the magic happens. Big hugs and love ❤️ xxx

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    1. Oh wow, Rob, thank you!!! Yes yes yes as I have been saying for years Something other than me along with my heart is showing up on my images. SOOOOOO happy that you are feeling and seeing this. Oh my goodness, I AM succeeding in one of my Missions. YAHOO!! (((HUGS)))! xoxoxo

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  3. Aww Amy these are just stunning photos full of vibrancy and colour.

    Each a little piece of magic in their own right.

    I’m sure your new found friends whom this post is dedicated to will be thrilled by the love of your art, the love which shines through your words, both to them and the Love you share with Mother Nature and your readers.

    With that combination how can your photos ever fail to share their magnificence to all who admire them.

    Absolutely beautiful. ⚘️💕💖💕⚘️

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    1. THANK YOU, Sue!! I am so touched by your kind and loving words to me. When we do what we love to do, all of us are capable of magnificence, which you well know.

      Sending you so much love!! xo


  4. As always, some beautiful photographs, particularly the last one, the rose, and the big yellow flower two away from it. Having said that, there isn’t a single picture that isn’t top class. Well done and thanks for sharing them with us.

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    1. Thank you, John, so very much. Each of these flowers are packed with love and protection for the young man overseas in our Military and his girlfriend who has become very dear to me. Your compliments regarding my photography I consider very high praise. I am very touched.

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