Monday’s Smiles

71 thoughts on “Monday’s Smiles”

    1. You are welcome, Neha! I believe a lot of us need a big hug and encouragement. Life for some of us has been tough recently. Have a happy Monday!! Much love to you and BIG (((HUGS)))!! xo


  1. I’m having a fantastic day Amy, it is actually drizzling rain over here. It may be light, and its not anywhere near the fires, but it is wetting a very parched ground…I’ll take it and smile to the heavens 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 🦘

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      1. They are actually predicting real rain for large areas of the eastern states (all the fire areas) from Thursday till Saturday. I am encouraging them to be right 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 🦘 xoxo

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      2. OH that is wonderful news, Mark!! Rain is so needed over there. I will blow our rain your way …. that is all it seems we have been getting. It’s far too wet here. I’ll be praying!!

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    1. I love that Green Heron too, Donna. There were actually a male and a female fishing that day. I didn’t know who to watch so I kept swinging my aim between the two of them. They were having a fishing marathon! Honestly! They were incredible to watch!
      I will have a great week, thank you!!! I had an acupuncture treatment today that brought me down from peeled on the ceiling to a nice downy landing. I’m of the mind that I am on the part of this healing journey where things get worse then better. It’s been a tough go between pain and anxiety. I may just return to this man next week …. the relief he gave me today is such a GIFT! Much love to you!! xo

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      1. Thank you, dear friend. Healing is circular … and boy do I know that in spades! Today is a much better day, thank heavens! I am now muscle testing everything that I put in my mouth as I am suspecting one of my supplements I no longer need and is doing more harm then good. Sure enough I was right. This stuff is SO challenging to keep up with!! Have a great day today! xo

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    1. I fell in love with the Green Herons this past year, John. They are gorgeous and their ability to fish is astonishing. I think he may look like he is made out of metal due to the sharp rectangular shapes on their wings. Take my word for it however. They are not made from metal. (smile)


  2. I love birds so much. These photos made my day. Great birds ♡ such great shots.
    I watched them leering, cocking their heads and patiently gazing.
    Nothing was happening and I was almost sure they were sleeping.
    Slipping in and out of water, dipping and diving seep, hunting while fast asleep.
    The sleepy heron opened his eyes, resting them set on a fish.
    He bobbed and dodged out of sight, until ringing his victory bell, beak holding a big fish.

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    1. Capturing birds is a thrill. It takes practice and skill to make sure a shot is perfectly still. And while observing birds, we if we are open, learn from them. Really enjoyed your words, BrittnyLee. Thank you! xo


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