Check First

68 thoughts on “Check First”

  1. Isn’t ‘Ham’ gorgeous…He may be busy with whatever he’s doing, but boy, he still has his eye on you AR! Glad you captured him…Great shot…Stay warm…I am sure your forecast is much like mine…many below zero days ahead and two back to back snow storms Sat and Sun of 8-12″…My arms are tired already thinking of what I will have to shovel…Hugs to you…VK ❤

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    1. This majestic bird of prey has tugged on my Heart strings and then some, VK. He is the attraction of late due to the fact he allows us to get so close! For a bird of prey I’m continually saying …. pinch me … Is this really happening?

      Cold here too and beginning to snow. Supposedly we are in for some storms, but hey, it is January after all! LOL BIG HUGS to you, dear friend! 💞

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    1. I’ve been going around our home looking at which pictures that are now up can come down so I can replace pictures that I’m taking now. It’s happening, Gigi! BIG SMILE!!


    1. Thank you, Sylvia!! When opportunity like this one arises, a hawk on a branch with barely anything in the way, it is a Great Chance to capture without any interfering branches getting in the way. I must have shot at least 100 frames and have SO many that came out awesome! What a find!!! 😁

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    1. To me he looked like he was cleaning his talons, Mark, getting ready for the kill. This happened so fast I actually did not see this image in person. Suddenly, this hawk turned around and when he did he ruffled his feathers, balanced on one leg, and obviously bent down to check his talons all the while keeping his eye on me. Meanwhile, I’m furiously shooting doing my best to keep the focal point on his head. This beautiful bird seems to like the attention he gets, not afraid at all. I’m not sure if that is a good thing, because wild birds need to keep their healthy fear of mankind for good reason. Glad you enjoyed this!! As I told someone else, moments from this image, this hawk pooped, and yup, got that picture too. I’m glad I wasn’t standing below. LOL 😘

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    1. Thank you, Arbie! I’ve learned a long time ago if you don’t grab life with both hands and jump in with both feet, it will be over before you know, leaving you with all kinds of regrets as you are ready to go. Nope. Not me, at least I do my very best to live my life to the fullest. As for that picture, I know I know. Just WOW!! (((HUGS)))! 🤗

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    1. Thank you, Holly! This magnificent bird is SO beautiful! FYI … I’ve been having trouble with WP lately. Notice I have not been blogging as much lately …. Just thrilled you did find this post and enjoyed my picture of this incredible bird of prey! 😘

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      1. I think since WP has signed on with Gutenberg we are having very annoying and time consuming problems. This is one of your best photographs . I think I would send it to Natl Geograohic for publishing.

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      2. Awwwww, Holly!!! My Husband said the very same thing! He is stunned FYI how I have been shooting lately. I have hundreds of pictures of this guy! As for WP, frustrating is not even coming close to what I have been put through. (((HUGS)))!

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    1. Yes, Donna, these birds do take my breath away as well! I am stunned this hawk is allowing me to come so close to him. I thank you for your compliment. I am practicing a LOT lately getting ready for the Spring Medley of Birds. And I will be ready!! 😘

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    1. Julie, this hawk is amazing in that he shows no fear towards us. Thank you for the compliment! I’m rather proud of this shot, believe me! I’ve really been working hard at getting birds in perfect focus. 😘

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